Depth of Sinks - What to consider?

purplepansiesDecember 3, 2013

We're replacing the pedestal sink in our small bathroom with another pedestal sink. I have narrowed my choices down to 2 or 3, but one (my preferred choice) is just shy of 4" deep. The others are 7" or 9". (Our current sink is 6" deep.) The width and length of the basins are all about the same.

I am hesitant about the 4" deep sink. Do I need a deeper sink for washing hands and face and brushing teeth? Is there more splashing with a shallow sink? Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

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Splashing in a shallow sink, or any lav for that matter will be dependent upon faucet selection, direction the water hits the basin, pressure. Every system has a personality and it is difficult to make a hard and fast statement. I just installed two in our new remodel. 7" in the downstairs bath and 9 in the master. You could try the 4" but you may have to change faucets to make it work. Another consideration is who is using this lav and what kind of countertops you have. Will splashing water deteriorate the countertop over time?

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Based on experience, kids splash more in shallow sinks. Especially the gradually sloped ones. Whether they're washing hands, face, or brushing teeth.

When it comes to grown-ups, the splashes usually occur only during face-washing, which still entails regular mopping up in the mornings and before bed.

Personally, I'd go for a 7" with a round or oval basin (as opposed to a rectangular, nouveau-sloped one).. :)

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Hi PP,

I think I would be hesitant about a sink less than 4" deep too. For our Master BR, the one I ordered is a little over 5" deep, I haven't picked it up yet, so can't tell you what it's like in use. I wanted a shallower sink as I'm having an all-drawers vanity, but with a pedestal, I see no advantage to having a shallow sink. Now, if there's some compelling reason, like it's absolutely gorgeous, it's free (even then free wouldn't be worth it if it's a constant source of irritation), etc. then I would mock it up if possible with a deep dish/pot/pan and see how it feels...might be worth cutting down a plastic bin to play with.

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Thanks for the feedback. The splashing (from face washing, not so much the faucet) was my biggest concern, but never having used a really shallow sink, I wasn't sure if I was imagining a problem that wouldn't actually happen. Although I do like the look of the shallower sink a bit more, I am more concerned with function. And anything that means I may have to clean more is a definite no-go in my book!

The deeper sink will be ordered. Thank you again for your feedback and help! I really appreciate it!

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