WANTED: TerriPacNW Nailed It!

mustangs81February 20, 2006

First, my apologies for leaving you hanging. DH was put in the hospital again and I haven't been home much.

Terri sent her notes to me on post cards showing her beautiful area. Hey, can we do a house swap for a week or two? I am in love with your area. Terri's box to me included: One of her homemade candles, it's called Perfect Storm. I keep opening it for a whiff, it's lovely.

A colorful ceramic spoon rest. It's a can of tomato sauce and it says "Italia"; Terri read the sauce thread!

A basting brush; it's a chef with the basting bristles coming out of his chef's hat.

A flexible cutting board with a french wine design

AnnT, if you are counting, one of the items was for my DH so it doesn't count--it is a Butterfingers heart, how sweet literally and figuratively.

Red dish towels-this doesn't count either because they were used to wrap gifts.

Now this may be cheating but it's my signature gift i.e. no one in close proximity to a Trader Joe's can send me anything without including TJ's Truffles, so Terri had not choice.

Thank you for your generosity! I love it all.


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Cathy, my prayers are with you and your husband. What a rough time for you all.

That sounds like Terri picked some terrific items for you. We'll call her "Terri Terrific"!

What does Perfect Storm smell like? Is it that clean scent after a spring rain? And homemade? Amazing.

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Cathy, sending get well vibes to your hubs! So sorry to hear he is in the hospital.

Great Swap Package!!

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Cathy Terri's parcel must be just what you needed to pick you up. It's a great parcel.

Hope DH is doing well.

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Cathy, I have not stopped the ongoing prayers for Raymond!

Terri, you did very well!

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Cathy I hope Raymond is doing wonderfully. I am sure his butterfinger heart will help. Great package!! Enjoy.


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Cathy, best wishes that DH is doing well.

That basting brush sounds adorable. And a homemade candle...a special touch. Nice job, Terri!

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Cathy, hope your DH is doing well and will be home soon.

Sounds like the package arrived just when you could use a little pick me up.

The candle sounds wonderful. How thoughtful of Terry to include a home made item. Enjoy!

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Terri did a great job! Lucky you...Cathy! Enjoy!

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Hey, Cathy, hope your husband is doing well.

Must have been a nice distraction to get such a wonderful package from Terri!


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Cathy, I'm sorry to hear that your husband is back in the hospital. I hope he feels better soon.

Terri, what a great package. The butterfinger heart is a sweet (get it?) addition. :-)


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That sounds lovely, Cathy. How is Raymond? Is everything going ok with him?
Terri, you did a great job.

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Nice package! I always like to hear about the homemade items. And wrapping it all in the towels is a really nice touch.

I love hearing about the packages!

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Nice package Terri. Hope your DH is better soon Cathy.

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Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and concern. I should have been more thoughtful and not posted Raymond's situation on the Exchange threads, but I felt bad that I didn't see Terri's swap box sooner.


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Cathy, No reason for you to feel bad to post about Raymond here. I'm so sorry to hear he's in the hospital again. As always, I'll keep good thoughts going his way.

Sounds like a really great package. Nice gifts, Terri.


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More good thoughts going your way... hope he's well soon.

What a great package to enjoy, and hopefully will take your mind away from your worries for a bit.

Hope you enjoy.


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Hurray it made it...
I was so worried about it. My Tracking notice still says that it only was accepted at my post office, and I was begining to wonder if it made it's way or not.

I'm so glad you got it!!!

I'm sorry your hubby has been in the hospital. (Oh and there were two BFinger Hearts in there.)

Deanna~Here's the description of Perfect Storm. It's my mom's favorite scent. She goes no where with out it. LOL
Perfect Storm~Looming clouds cast a dark shadow over windblown fields of green. Budding hyacinth, captivating cyclamen and entrancing jasmine come together in the heart of the anticipated storm. Gentle moss lies at the base with petals of newly bloomed violets.

I'm glad you liked everything Cathy.
You can come visit anytime.
This summer we are hosting the Little League District All Stars for Major Softball. Last year we hosted the Jr Softball State Tourney.
Although, I'm sure my hubby wouldn't mind a swap, and him back in a hot Southern Environment.


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What a great package. I love flexible cutting boards and how can you go wrong with truffles.

Enjoy it Cathy.


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Terri, you did a terrific job on your box. I love the write up of the candle scent. I love candles, was once a sales rep for Yankee Candle Co.

Cathy, I'm so sorry to hear Ray's in the hospital, let's hope not for long. Hugs....


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Sorry to hear about your husband, Cathy, but I hope that great package picked you up a little. Good job, Terri!

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Lovely sounding package. The butterfinger heart is so sweet, sorry that is appropriate. Hope your DH continues doing well.

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what a great package you put together Terri - it sounds fantastic...enjoy Cathy!

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Nancy, I make soy candles. It's a fun hobby. I have a few friends that "help pay" for my supplies. LOL

In fact today I'm trying to decide what scents to make for the house, and I need to make a travel tin for my mom, as she's going on the road (she's a traveling software consultant) the first of March and will be living out of a hotel room for weeks on end.

That flexible cutting board is nifty. I need to go back to the store and get one for myself.

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Terri! I should learn how to make candles, I burn them constantly!

My favorite candle is Yankee Candle, MacIntosh. It's such a clean fresh scent.

My other favorite house scent is Satsuma from The Body Shop, it's an oil that you burn. But word has it, it's been discontinued *gasp*!!! I'm so sad about that.

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Nope, I'm not counting Cathy. LOL! I think almost everyone grouped a few items together and counted them as one category, but still kept with the original idea of a mini swap.

What a wonderful gift. And how special to receive one of Terri's homemade candles. Love the name of the scent.



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If anybody EVER wants anything from Cathy just bribe her with something red, gadgets, or TJs truffles. Smart package, Terri!

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The description of the candle scent sounds wonderful; I love jasmine and hyacinth. Yep, TJ's truffles are sooo good.

You put a lovely package together Terri.

Cathy I just searched and found the updates on Raymond. I'm so glad he's doing well and you can enjoy these treats together.


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