Need new photo software - was using Kodak Easyshare

liketolearnSeptember 12, 2012

I've been using Kodak Easyshare software for years. I just got a new computer and I went to download the Kodak Easyshare software and the Kodak website states Easyshare software is no longer available!

All my photos are stored on my old computer and I should be able to copy them over to my new computer. So I need a new photo software program.

I need some recommendations for new photo software. Here's what I need ...

#1 must be able to transfer my old photos to new software.

#2 must be a very basic and easy to use software. My editing is pretty basic with the ability to rotate photos, crop photos, lighten photo, and if possible be able to label photos.

#3 must be able to store photo files on my computer rather than an online gallery.

#4 must be able to have "albums" or way to sort photos into categories.

#5 prefer a free download.

Can anyone help with some suggestions?

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Here is a link that might be useful: Irfanview

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Well I have never used any camera software. Never saw a reason to. Windows does most of it. I just used the memory card from the camera, put it in the card reader and copied them to the pc hard drive. There you can make any folders you want and sort them how ever you want.
For extras like editing you can use online ones or Irfanview mentioned.

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You can copy all your files, photos, wallpaper and settings to you new computer by using Easy file transfer. All you need is a flash drive or external drive and do the following

Click Start
Click Control panel
Click the small right facing arrow beside Control panel at the top in the address bar
Click All Control panel items and the windows fills
Click Getting started 4th down left side probably
In the new window click Transfer files and settings from another computer and the screen shows a panel above
In the bottom right corner of that panel click Open Windows Easy Transfer
Click Next in the new window
Click An external hard drive or flash drive at the bottom of the choices
Click This is my new computer
Click Yes in the new window and follow along

It will then set the external drive up to accept all the stuff you need from the old machine and then prompt you to take the drive to the old computer to load the files.

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try Picasa, it's free and I think will do all that your looking for

Here is a link that might be useful: Picasa 3

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Presuming you are going from XP to W/7 Easy File Transfer is included with W/7 but not included with XP so you need to install it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Easy

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I am in no way an Ansel Adams. Far from it. I just tinker or deal with have-tos. I use either Irfanview or Picasa, mostly Picasa. They are so user friendly even I can do it.

You can get either of them from In fact, there is a new version of Picasa out and available there.


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I've used Picasa and thought it worked pretty well. My only quibble is that there was no way to add text to an image.

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Picasa is your best bet for simple editing, organizing in albums, etc. It's free to download and works quite well.

For transferring the images from your camera to the computer, Windows 7 does a nice job of that, now, so you don't need camera-branded software to do it.

Deborellah at Photo Mambo

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Mike you can add text to the photos... there is a label feature etc in Picasa

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