Fully Integrated Dishwashers

DCJerseyOctober 7, 2012

With the lack of a control panel on the front of fully integrated dishwashers, how do you know when the cycle is finished?

More specifically, I am looking at the fully integrated dishwashers from Miele in the Futura Classic and Futura Crystal lines.


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There is a red light that comes on when DW is working that you can see between dishwasher and bottom of countertop.

Miele Diamond the door opens at end of cycle.

Some Bosch units have red dot light up on kitchen floor when unit is working.

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With my fully integrated Miele Optima:

1.It beeps audibly for a while at cycle completion.

2. I typically turn the DW on as a last task of the day before bedtime when it doesn't much matter when it completes.

3. Upon programming, the machine reports how much time it takes the cycle to complete. (E.g., if I choose a 2 hour cycle, I don't open it at the 90 min mark). :-)

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We have a small piece of clear, ribbed plastic glued to the underside of the counter just above the red light (Miele). The plastic catches the red light and makes it more visible from across the room, but it isn't visible if the light's not on. I figured that we would needed something more visible than just the red light, or we'd always be opening it mid-cycle.

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We also have the ribbed plastic that came with our Miele glued to the underside of the counter. It's only about 1/2 inch wide and maybe 1/16th inch in thickness. It's plenty visible when it's lit up, but you don't notice it when the dishwasher isn't running.

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