Kohler bellwether VS Kohler Villager

KateB22December 13, 2013

shopping for bathtubs online. I am looking at Kohler bellwether
versus kohler villager
and I am confused about the space dimensions. It seems they have the dame 30/60 total space but the inside spacing is different but I cannot figure it out! Does anyone know if one is wider longer or deeper inside?

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I believe they are the same height to water overflow, but I would have to compare to refresh my memory. The bottom length is longer in the 30x60 Bellwether than any of the 60" cast iron tubs if I remember. The width I think is a tiny bit narrower than the Villager. But the Villager doesn't have that cool contemporary design that the Bellwether has :)

Here is mine, perfect for bathing kids:

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Thanks! HOw wide is the ledge on the bellwether?
I am considering the 32 inch wide bellwether.
And then possibly a 34 inch wide tub for our other bathroom.

Is the ledge on the bellwether smaller than other kohlers and does it in return have a bigger basin?

Can you put shampoo and things on it?

What about the shape- is the straight sides of it less comfortable than some of the other tapered baths?

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Choosing a bath tub is not easy. It is such a personal choice.

We too have a Bellwether in the hall bath. We are shower people; the bath tub is for the needs of bathing a baby or young child in the future.

We selected Bellwether because it is made of cast iron that retains water temperature better. One of my friends is upset by her acrylic tub because her cat likes to get in and out of the tub and puts scratches on her tub. I also heard bath toys could scratch the acrylic tub. We like Bellwether's modern, squarish look that fits perfectly with the style of the bathroom.

The ledger of Bellwether is around 4.5 inches - it is curved on the edge of the ledger, not easy to give an exact measurement. It has plenty space for arm rest, shampoo bottles, bath toys...etc.

I am not a big sized woman, I bathed in it once. For me it is ok as a bath tub, but not deep and wide enough as a soaking tub. But since I am not a bath people, I won't have patience to use a deep soaking tub regularly.

My best friend has a deep, wide soaking tub, she regrets having it. For her, it is hard to get up and out of the tub even with a grab bar; it costs a lot of hot water just to fill it.

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The 30x60 Bellwether is the type of tub that will fit in an alcove easily. It was a newer addition after the 32x60" was already out. The original 32x60" Bellwether is a different shape in that it has a sloped front end as well as the back slope, resulting in a very short bottom, the shortest of all the tubs if I remember correctly. It also required an extra long spout, as the front slope needs the spout's length, to clear the slope as it fills. There is a special note to that point in the installation instructions for the 32" wide model.

Note the straight front as it goes down to the drain on my 30" wide model. The 32" wide model has a sloped front and the drain is set further along on the bottom - that is unconventional for a standard alcove tub. The 32" would require re-plumbing the drain, whereas the 30" will fit into a standard build alcove space like the Villager will. The 32" reminds me of the Tea For Two, except it is smaller and got some very poor reviews because it is so small.

I am over weight, and 5'7". I have been taking a bath daily in the 30x60" Bellwether without problems, as I have torn out my main bathroom and shower :) Since May! I have a grab bar at the side, some what lower than one would mount a bar for a shower. To soak, I fill the tub, lay down, with my head in the water with just my nose sticking out. I just fold my legs cross ways (like one would, sitting on the floor) and lay back into the water. I may be more limber than some, but it is easy for me to be mostly submerged while I soak :)

I too like the 14" high tub. It is not the main bathroom and functions as a guest bath. It can serve for bathing kids and pets. I had bathed my children in the old tub of this height and wanted to replace it to serve the same function. My 22 year old son was sentimental about the thought of me taking out the tub function and turning it into a laundry room. So I redesigned the room a bit and put in a new suitable tub. It's not set up for a shower, but I have a tub filler with a sprayer. I treated the walls with Hydroban before tiling, so it is like a shower in that regard. Only it stops at the top of the wainscot.

I hope you enjoy my pictures :) I must be feeling smiley this morning as I have many smiley faces in this post.

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Thank you for that info. I had no idea the 32 bellwether is sloped and smaller inside. I thought it was big inside.
Do you know which of the kohlers in 60/32 gives the deepest soak? This is what I am seeking. Still undecided about acrylic or iron as I heard iron gets cold fast and I don't know if that is true! I take baths every day and like to take long hot baths so I am seeking a 32 inch wide 60 inch long kohler good for deep long hot baths! Any ideas?

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I think the Memoirs is 11.5" water depth and people like it. The Bellwether 32x60, to me is too short, but the 66" might be better. It is 11.5" water depth too. Other than those models I don't know you will have to go to Kohler's website and compare the "Dimensions and Measurements (Spec Sheet)" pdf file that is there for each of their models.

Have you looked at the Bancroft? It is a drop in 66x42" and water depth of 16". But it is acrylic.

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the Bancroft looks good-

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enduring, I like the look of the Bellwether in your photos. It looks like it doesn't have the armrest things that run along the sides. I have never had those so I don't miss them. What are your thoughts?

p.s. I also love your 4" tile surround. When I told my BD I wanted to replace my 4" gray tile with 4" gray tile, she looked at me like I was nuts, esp. since I said I wanted white grout.

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linelle, I like it as an all purpose tub. It is not a soaking tub as the water is only 9" to the overflow, I think. It is like the Villager in that regard. They are both 14" total if I remember. It is a great simple looking tub. I am not a bath person and only wanted a tub for kids and dogs. But I have been taking a bath in it for the last year as my second bathroom is still in the works, lol. I really like my faucet and hand spray. I use the spray all the time.

Remember, this Bellwether is the 30x60 model which is the standard type installation. The builder alcove type that I have was introduced last April.

Kohler has an earlier Bellwether version that is still available. It is deeper and wider. The drain roughin is not in the typical bath location. The front end slopes like the back end, causing the drain to be further toward the center of the tub, by a few inches. It also needs a longer tub filler or the water will fall onto the slanted front. This spout issue is mentioned in the specs. It has a very short bottom length and would not work for me, but might be perfect for shorter people.

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Enduring - Does your Bellwether have a smooth finish or is it very wavy? From what I can tell in your pictures, all of the shiny parts in your tub look very smooth (I'm looking specifically at the first picture in your 12/14/13 8:47am post). Looking at the reflection off of the corners and faces of the tub, it doesn't look like there is distortion in the finish?

I'm asking because we have purchased a Bellwether and it's waiting for us at Home Depot. We've been by to pick it up but left it there because we weren't sure about the finish. We saw a Villager tub at HD (they carry the Villager in-store, but the Bellwether is special order only) and it had such an odd finish. Like giant orange peel. Perfectly imperfect and very strange looking. Like they hadn't waited long enough for the enamel (or whatever the white stuff is called) to settle before it set. The finish of the Bellwether they've got for us is a bit better but still quite odd. Now, I'm not looking for a perfect finish - I'm after the vintage, been there forever kind of look, and I absolutely love the way yours looks. But I'm worried about putting this tub next to smooth subway and porcelain hex tiles and having it look wavy and strange.

I've attached a photo. The lighting at HD isn't great, but I think you can see where the finish is uneven by looking where the light is reflecting vs. not - it's splotchy rather than an even transition between reflection and no reflection. Does yours do that? Your pictures sure don't look like it but it's hard to tell.

Thank you so much for your time! I really want to be able to use this tub as the price and look are right. And it's one of the only CI 30x60 tubs on the market - we really don't have the extra 2" for a 32" tub, so I want to make this work, but I'm not sure if I'm being too picky.

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Oh and I wanted to add that when you run your hand across it, it feels lumpy, not smooth.

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