Vessel sink base & mounting question

sighDecember 5, 2012

Long story short, a sneaky leak in the downstairs bathroom of our house is necessitating a bathroom gut and redo. This is an old house and a small full bath, roughly 5'x8'. Space for the sink is extremely tight so options are limited. A pedestal sink is out because we need some sort of storage.

Ikea's Lillangen sink base is 15 3/4" wide by 16 1/8 deep. I found a square, china vessel sink online with integrated facet hole that is 16" wide and 15 3/4" deep. Can I use this sink on this base? Will I need to build a top for the sink base?

I would much, much rather see the sink in person before I purchase it but I was lucky enough to even find something the right size on line! FWIW I loathe the Lillangen sink that Ikea shows with that base, hence my looking for a different sink. Plus using Ikea's sink would mean that we'd have to re-route the faucet plumbing. But I still hate it.

I also hate being flung into having to do this gut and redo but there's no choice. Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.

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Yes, you will need a counter for it to sit on. I presume you are wall mounting the faucet? There for sure will not be enough room on the counter for it. IMHO, that's a pretty big sink for a counter that size, but if you like the look....

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Thanks for the reply, writersblock. The sink has an integrated faucet hole so that I don't need to mount a faucet on the counter or wall, the faucet can mount directly onto the sink.

It's hard to describe but the look that I'm going for is something similar to this, but in white and without the nearly 600$ price tag:

That sink is a drop in, my version would be taller.

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