Advice needed on Electrolux washers/dryers

paul_maOctober 4, 2012

I haven't been to this forum for a long time, because I haven't been in the market for appliances for a long time. But now I need new washer/dryer.

I looked at consumer reports, and they recommend LG & Samsung. I found another review site that recommended a Maytag. (Which I know is same as Whirlpool.)

Then I went to my local independent appliance retailer. I bought a lot of stuff from them for my kitchen, and found them to have good prices, seemingly good advice, and their own service. The salesman strongly recommended that I go with Electrolux, though he also has LG and Samsung to sell.

I will be installing these in a 2nd floor bathroom, initially side by side, but eventually stacked when I redo my bath. I have no option to put them on a lower floor. Salesman says Electrolux is only mfg that guarantees their machines to not shake and be stable on an upper floor. (And that is a serious problem with my current washer, which shakes the whole house.)

But when I went looking for reviews, I found quite a number of bad reviews for Electrolux washers. (But to be fair, more good than bad.) I don't take bad reviews as gospel, but as a warning sign to investigate further.

Does anyone here have experience or expertise with washers in general and with Electrolux in particular?


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In the Laundry Forum the consensus seems to be that Electrolux is the best option now for 2nd floor applications if you are going with front loader.

They have the best suspension system to isolate shakes.

Consumer Reports bases their surveys on self-selected members who chose to reply. JD Power uses a random selection of phone numbers. It seems increasing numbers of Americans hang up on telemarketers, pollsters, and survey takers alike but JD seems more scientifically sound. JD ranks Samsung tops.

If I were installing front washer on second floor I would go with Electrolux. Every washer has a fair number of bad reviews if you research enough. Even the laundry forum's beloved Miele. Miele no longer sells full size laundry units.

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