Summerfield...are the dimensions inside walls or outside walls?

lavender_lassSeptember 1, 2012

Summerfield- On your drawings, are the dimensions from inside wall to inside wall...or outside wall to outside wall? I'm trying to make one of your earlier plans wheelchair accessible and I'm not sure how much hall space there is in the laundry room...or the bathroom.

Thanks in advance :)

Here's the plan. I've always liked this one and it looks like we'll have to go bigger, now. If things work out, we may not need the handicap accessiblity right now, but I want to design it that way, just in case. From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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lady lavender ...

inside wall to inside wall
laundry is 9' wide

please remember that i draw base cabinets 2'3" deep to make sure they will fit properly ... bath vanities are drawn at 1'9" deep

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Summerfield- Thank you.

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Summerfield- I'm thinking about switching the bedroom and den, to make the bedroom a little roomier. I don't need huge, but maybe an extra foot or two, each way.

I wonder if the den would be better with french doors off the entry and have the hall bath, where the master closet was. I'd like it to be large enough to be handicap accessible (even if only in the future) and room for a nice sink, toilet and shower...with maybe a linen closet.

The laundry could be where the master bath is and maybe the mudroom on the other side. I'm still trying to figure out how to fit in the master bedroom, closet and bath, but I'm open to suggestions. Maybe have the hot tub off the back or side?

I whited out more than I meant to the back of the bedroom should probably be even with (or slightly less than) the back of the living room. From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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