Stain interior doors on-site or controlled environment?

threeapplesSeptember 24, 2012

Also, does Sherwin Williams make decent stain? Builder is suggesting we do Sherwin Williams on-site instead of custom stain at the place he normally uses because they never got back to me and we want to get moving with millwork. Thanks.

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Are you doing stained door trim? We had our doors and trim stained on-site. I can't imagine doing it any other way.

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no, all painted trim. the library will be wood paneling and wood coffered ceiling. doesn't dust get into the stain?

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What kind of top coat are you planning on. That is where I would be concerned about the dust. I wouldn't do site finish if I could avoid it. If it is just the doors and the frames are already installed what would it hold up as far as millwork?

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no idea about a top coat. i'm not informed about this type of thing, the painter was going to do all of this for us since the stain company our builder normally uses is somehow too busy. what kind of product will make the stained cherry doors look most like historic wood?

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Ours were done in the living room, which by that time was a controlled environment.

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