Fantini Rain Head-- Flow Restrictor?

SethGDecember 14, 2012

Hey we have installed a Fantini rain head in our bathroom, along with a hand spray wand.

It is really nice but I would like to increase the water output-- I am guessing there is a plastic flow restrictor in the rain head. I am posting because while I am somewhat familiar with what is necessary to remove the restrictor from a standard shower head, I am wondering if there is anything weird I should look for in the rain head. (We didn't install it ourselves, a plumber did it for us.)

Also, is it likely there is a flow restrictor in the wand as well?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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So I took apart the Hansgrohe Clubmaster in my master bathroom. It was easy to remove the white flow restrictor and now the Clubmaster rocks.

Inspired, I took the wrench to my Fantini rain head. Once I got it down I looked inside and there is a white plastic piece inside it as well. But this piece is a little more complicated: it has a moving cylinder within a cylinder. Also it is beneath a screwed in piece of metal-- there is a hexagonal opening, I'm guessing I need a special wrench to take it out?

I don't want to mess up the rain head. Anyone have any advice? I could post a photo later, I didn't think to take one when I took the head down.

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