Which Toto toilet for office renovation?

ILoveRedDecember 4, 2013

I have Toto in my house and like them.

I am at the Tail end of major office renovation. I need 2 toilets that will be used by 1-3 employees throughout the day. 20-30 about once a month.

12" rough in.


Good flush and no "skid marks" for lack of a better term.

Simple style...that just works well.

I have made so many decisions and now this toilet research is getting to me. I looked at Terry Love and Amazon. Please make a recommendation if you can.

One final question. Is "sani gloss" a risky option that can be easily damaged by cleaning staff? Would it be better to skip it?

Thank you!!

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My plumber swears by the Drake. I don't know which one though. There are several generations it seems. A local gas station/store chain has Toto's installed, and they look great after 5-10 years of service.

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I just installed a drake 1.6 in my guest bathroom and I like it better than the ultramax 1.28 installed in my MB . I don't know about the sani gloss . The ultramax has sani gloss while the drake that I got doesn't ( some of them have sani gloss ) . I don't really notice a big difference . Maybe over time I will .

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Thank you... I just read somewhere that the Drake may be easier to get parts for since it is used so often.

I think I will go with that one.

Thanks again!

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