Owners of New AG Wolf & Bluestar ranges- couple of ?'s

phillyfeetOctober 18, 2013

New model Wolf AG range - I read that the oven clicks while maintaining temperature. Is this true? I would ask if it is loud or annoying, but I realize that everyone has a different threshold for loud and/or annoying

BlueStar RNB -
1.a random question here, but I am a messy cook (maybe cause i'm a bit of a clutz too?!) and I am constantly getting stuff all over the stove top while I am cooking. I read that the igniters sometimes need to be replaced and can happen if water boils over. I don't boil over water, but will the other messes (veggies, eggs, pasta- you name it!) shorten the lifespan of the igniters? Not worried about cleaning the messes, just damaging the range.
2. Do your big pots of water boil faster (than say a sealed burner for example)? Water takes forever to boil on my Kenmore gas range. I didn't know if the open vs sealed burners would make a difference or if I should invest in a different pot.

Thanks so much!!

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I have a 36" RNB bluestar and it's amazing. Def boils water faster than my previous sealed burner range.

It's easy to clean too. Although "clean" is a relative term here. It'll never look like the day you bought it, but then again, it def doesn't ever look dirty either. I personally never clean the grates, bowls, etc. just the stainless steel bulkhead above the knobs. Even after a year of daily use, my one friend commented on seeing it "how do you keep it so clean?"

Btw, I'm in Philly and if you are too, as your name suggests, feel free to contact me and come over to see it and cook on it for yourself.

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Oh as for the igniters, yes they sometimes crack, most likely due to boil overs. I've had mine a year and haven't had any issues so far. My parents have had one for 7 years and they're needed to replace two ignitors. I think an extra one came with the range, so they had to pay $21 for a second one. Not too bad considering the length of time there had it. I can only imagine what the costs of maintenance and repair would be over seven years for other ranges (ie, Viking, etc).

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36"RNB owner here for eight months now. Agree with pretty much everything gtadross says... Boils water in a flash, no broken igniters, and it is the easiest range to clean I've ever owned, just wipe it off!
I use it two to three times a day, so it's had it's fair share of use.
I have the built in griddle, and it is the best thing since sliced bread...

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thank you so much for the responses. I never realized how difficult it is to pick out appliance until i started this process!
Do you both like the oven on your BlueStars?

gtadross- it is so nice of you to make such an offer! I actually no longer live in Philly, but my user name is a nod to where i went to school (and met my husband). We lived in Center City for 4 years. We are now in Central NJ by my husband's family - i am a new england transplant!

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No worries phillyfeet. The oven is great and if you get the 36", you'll positively love it for the holidays. It could easily fit the biggest turkeys in there

But on the downside of the oven, bc of its size (assuming its a 36"), it takes a while to heat up. So for day to day cooking, it's something you have to consider. Me personally, I have a 27" Viking walk oven for day to day bc it heats up so much faster. If you have the space and budget, I'd def recommend a separate smaller wall oven.

Lastly, the louvres of the door (the bottom panel with the cut outs) does get pretty hot when the ovens on for a while. A lot of people freak out about that, but it's really no big deal. I have 2 small kids (7 and 2) and they've never been hurt or burned by it.

The broiler is terrific. Does salmon better and faster than an outdoor grill!

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Phillyfeet, I have the RNB as well, and it does do a great job of boiling water, but no matter what gas range you buy, I suggest you buy a turbo pot. They are hard to find, though you can get it here,
you might also be able to get it on amazon using the search word eneron.
They are hard to find, but are definitely much quicker than a normal pot. It is the only pot I use now for boiling large amounts of water.

Here is a link that might be useful: eneron turbo pot

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