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sworshamSeptember 6, 2012

We are in the process of getting plans and prices to hopefully start construction in the spring. We are going to tear the existing house down to the first floor deck and are going out and up. We are somewhat tied to the stairs going down and the stairs going up to go over them. We haven't started the structural drawings yet so still have some time to tweak. Be interested in any feedback.

First floor:

Second floor:


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Tell us more about your family (# of adults, # of children and ages), your plans for the house (grow old here? resell someday?)

Also, if you were building this in my region, I would advise making sure the basement is also accessible from the living area (not just the garage) because it is very common for people to finish the basement for additional living space. But I know in some areas of the country, the basement is always an unheated storage room.

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We have 2 2 year old boys and another boy on the way and my wife and I. We plan on being here long term. There is access to the basement from the living space under the existing stairs. We are adding access to the addition from the garage as the new space will be a workshop.

Sorry the images got messed up..

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I see this as a very reasonable plan with 2 exceptions.

The dining area is cramped (you will not have room for the stool seating at the island)

And, the master bath (toilet) is a LOOONG way from the bedroom.

Otherwise, I hesitate also with the sightlines of the family room from the kitchen... I have 2 little girls, and I'd be concerned about lack of sightlines for 3 little boys to that play space. (the LR is equally out of sight from the kitchen).

I'd also add one more window to room 2--above the drawn nightstand.

Finally, do you expect toys will be mostly in the basement? (and I think that the basement is accessible from the main stairs too, right? or is that only a closet)?

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I think it's pretty solid. I wish the master toilet had it's own door. Also the upstairs hall seems to to have a lot of space. If you put a floor over the foyer that could all become a play loft.

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We are going through the same stage of plan design so here are some thoughts.

First Floor
1. Add a cupboard on the other side of the coat closet in the office.
2. There is no dining room � is that ok?
3. Can you kill the stair entry from the living room and have it as a closed off space and there more usuable space?
4. Bedroom 1 � can closets be combined for a walk in?

Second Floor
1. Can you make one larger dormer and have knee walls to make the room appear larger.
2. Master bath � any way to have toilet as a closed in space.
3. Any way to get walk in cupboards into your bedrooms?
4. Only one bathroom among three non master bedrooms � can the two floor foyer be changed and instead add an extra bathroom upstairs?

Again, all IMHO.

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