Hand shower question and recs

toomanychoicesDecember 5, 2011

Have any of you used a hand shower as the primary shower in a bath? For our basement guest bathroom, the current design we're looking at would lend itself well to just having a slide bar and hand shower (the wall with the plumbing would be a half wall with glass above). Even if you haven't done this, do you have recommendations for a good hand shower? I am somewhat overwhelmed by the choices at the moment. Thanks!

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We have Grohe and I wouldn't dream of a shower without it!

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That's what I use daily, I put mine on a long 36" bar so it can be set where you need it on your back. Poor man's body spray! We also have a large 12" rain shower but I find that I use the hand shower most often. BTW all the cruise ships have this same set up. It works!

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Our main shower is a handshower on a bar and I like it fine. My 8 year old loves it as she can adjust it to her height. Honestly I don't use the handshower part, I just leave it on the bar and it does not bother me at all.

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All 3 of our bathrooms just have a handshower on a bar. We have Hansgrohe, and I like it very much. In the last house we had Grohe (also just handshower on a bar) and I liked that, too. I have never missed having a second fixed showerhead, but I would really miss not having a handheld.

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We just redid two bathrooms, one with a shower and one with a tub/shower. In both of them we switched to handshower on a slider on a 250lb weight-certified grab bar (Jaclo brand), making sure to get studs in the proper place first. Other than the tubspout, there are no other fixtures in the shower.

The Jaclo slider (which fits any of their grab bars) is very well made, easily adjusts, holds position well and is compatible with most handshowers. It should be good, at that price! Slider:

In one we put a Kohler flipside (we tried one out during the middle of renovation and liked it so much we kept it instead of switching to a more expensive handshower, although we did upgrade to a nicer hose):

The other bathroom needed a very lightweight handshower, so went with an even cheaper plastic model of some kind. $400 designer grab bars with sliders and a $30 handshower (the flipside runs about $70).

The other splurge was nice Hansgrohe valves with thermostatic trim. These have performed fantastically, keeping the water temp very level no matter if hot water is running in bursts for the washer.

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I love my Grohe hand shower. I only have one full bathroom, so I use it every day. I'm very happy with that choice.

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We are happy with the Grohe Showertower in the Master Bath and the handheld is great. Easily adjustable on the bar (height wise and also angle wise). Great waterflow for rinsing long hair, too.

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