Need info/techniques from Breville Grille owners, please

BellsmomOctober 7, 2012

I am just opening and getting ready to make friends with a new Breville Grille. I could sure use some help here.

I would really appreciate information from experienced users.

What/how do you cook on it?

Recipes? Techniques? Which plate when? Following suggestions in other threads, I bought extra plates, so I have two ridged, two plain. Do you use both top and bottom ridged plates for steaks? (Gonna try steaks tomorrow.)

I'm pretty much NOT impressed by the recipes and instructions that come with it. Thank goodness for GW!


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I have the 820XL for 10 months now. I had a breville grill, just different model years ago, which lasted a few years. I bought it mostly because it was large. We are a family of 7, without counting grandma and grandpa!. I have cooked thin 1/4 in to 1/2 in rib eyes, chicken cutlets and bonless chicken thighs and burgers of course. I love it for paninis. I'm really happy with the drip tray that pulls out and cleans easily. I love the tilt action on it. Its non stick plates are so easy to clean. I can tell you, it beats cleaning out the charbroil on my capital culinarian or running out to the outdoor grill, in the middle of the winter, but thats my opinion..Best of luck with yours!

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Thanks, Jcm
My CC purchase has been delayed by a relative's $$$problem which temporarily used my range fund. This will, I hope, tide me over.

I plan to use it on the existing range when possible so I can use the nice big ModernAire exhauset.

I have two nice big ribeyes for this evening. Not sure if I can put put both ribbed plates in and gently lower the top or not. Probably have to remove the bone, I guess. Or better to flip the steaks?

It is going to be fun to try to figure this out.

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