HP 5525 Photosmart printer, need printing an anvelope help.

mudlady_gwSeptember 26, 2012

For various reasons I haven't been able to get good help from HP customer support. Either the tech has a difficult to understand accent or I am asked how much I would be willing to pay to have my problem solved. I hope someone on this list is familiar with my new HP Photosmart printer, 5525 or 5520 (they appear to be interchangeable numbers). I have found online directions for how to feed in envelopes but I can't find directions for typing in the address. Can anyone help?



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Do you have MS Word? If so it's under mailings > envelopes in word 2007 and 2012.

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Oh Lord--I'm the one who lost the bootleg copy of Office in a crash! I'll check my laptop and net book to see what they have.

Thanks for the idea.


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Did you install Libre Office Nancy? If so, open Writer and click insert > envelope.

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bob414--I did install Libre Office and it has a ton of good stuff. However, my printer stopped finding my router and now I am waiting for paid help to arrive at my house and try to overcome all the problems and glitches the recent crash created. Boy, is it hard to find a guru willing to travel 15 miles from the little city of Auburn out to real farm country. I might as well be in the center of some prairie out West. I'm in central NY near, well 35 miles from, Syracuse.


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You say the printer is new. Any time I had an HP product I always got free tech help in the first year as I thought they had a 1yr warranty on their stuff. Did that change?
After the 1yr then I use the forums some where on the HP site for help and they are very nice there. Mary

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Typing in the address would be part of some kind of word processing software outside of HP's jurisdiction.

In Windows 3.x days I remember buying software just for printing envelopes! Some kind of shareware that I probably paid $10 for.

The workaround is to use Wordpad (I think it allows you to adjust page size) to create a document that approximates the size of the envelope you want to print. Set it up in landscape mode, type in the address(es) and print.

One of those Brother label printers is useful tool as well!

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My HP does envelopes but I find address labels with word so much easier. Less chance of the envelope getting mangled. Mary

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To acraftlady--I did call HP again and got a good tech for support and after 90 minutes with him he said he would call me back the next day. He did, spent another hour, and the printer worked well for about 2 days. Then I lost the wireless connection to the printer and decided I really needed to get a true Geek (no disrespect intended thus the cap. G) to come to my house, put his hands on my equipment, especially the new router, and answer some of my lame questions. I lucked out with the young man from Staples. He was great, patient, and willing to come back if I still needed help. He also offered advice regarding the new tower I hope to buy fairly soon.

I am happy to have been giuded to LibreOffice and no longer wish I still had an ancient copy of MS Office.

I also surrendered and gave up trying to hang on to an MS email program or look-alike. The tech who came to my house convinced me I had to make the change. My ISP uses gmail (POP3 and SMTP) on its server and they set me up with their version of gmail (my addy is @tds and not gmail) and I am told it looks and works very much like the official gmail. I have 2 mailboxes and addys and they both come up when I log in. I still miss the simplicity and uncluttered appearance of OE but if MS mail is as buggy as so many people say, and I can't afford another huge crash, I will use my server's mail.


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What did the guy from staples do to solve it? I have used the free version of incredimail for years with all my mail servers and it works for me and is simple enough. I didn't care for windows live mail because I couldn't set up my mail signatures like I do on incredimail or I was too stupid to figure it all out. I am using the student teacher version of office XP but only the word and excell part. Gonna update to the latest soon as my husband will need to be doing a lot more in it. Mary

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The crash was eveil and took place in stages. First, I was told there wasn't enough virtual memory. The the screen/programs kept freezing and I had to use the start button on the tower to shut down the session in order to get out of the frozen screen. Things got very slow and when I ran MS security Essentials it removed several files but the problems persisted. Finally, when I rebooted I didn't have a router and last, the modem stopped working. I took the tower to a local repair shop and he was very curt when he called me and said I had a terrible virus. He was about to wipe clean the hard drive and I askede if I could come in and save some files. His reply was that he didn't have time to wait for me. I couldn't stand going without email and internet so I just let him do his thing. Oh, he also told me to get a new router and he had never seen my old router. I did as I was told and went to Staples where a salesman advised me against getting the super-duper wireless model router because my ISP, TDS is notoriously slow (boy do I agree with that!) and even if I got a very good router I still would never be able to stream movies. The repairman gave me back the tower with a version of XP slightly different from my original (no, I don't know what I had, only that the screen and icons work a little differently), Internet Explorer 8 and Outlook Express. I immediately had problems setting up OE even thgough my ISP confirmed I had used all the correct settings. I had bought a new printer with wireless capabilities and it worked only as a wireless. Then--the router stopped working!!! When the man from Staples came he sat down and opened a few programs and punched in changes while he was able to talk to me. He found that my laptop had a virus but I no longer use it because I prefer my netbook. He told me he found several settings that were incorrect even though I never changed them. He was quite a whiz, polite, patient and I am pleased I now know someone local who will come to my house if I need him. He said Staples will have some good sales around Christmas and recommended HP. One of my previous desktops was HP and I was always satisfied with the way it worked. He carefully told me he thought I would find what I want and get a better deal with an HP when I said I was considering a Dell. Lastly, he recommended I get 6G of RAM, 500 or more on a hard drive, and a quad core processor. I am about to put out a general question on this forum asking what I can expect if I pay for a quad core vs. a dual core. Before he left he asked if I wanted him to he would set me up with a gmail account. I told him TDS's POP3 and SMTP is gmail and I was going to let them set me up with their gmail for my two email addys. My mail is @ TDS, not @ gmail, but the server uses gmail. Not certain I understand this.

Sorry, I am aware I said a lot but didn't tell you specifically what the tech did when he came to my home. It was like he worked magic!

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Glad he got it all sorted. I have never had one bit of trouble with HP desktops but their laptops I am not a fan of, we had bad luck. We bought my son a very expensive HP laptop before he started college and after about 1yr and 4months the mother board died. He takes care of his stuff so it was not abused at all. Local repair place and son found out was a known issue with this model or some such but HP wouldn't do anything so rather than fixing we bought a toshiba instead and have had no troubles with that. Mary

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