Shower Wand Placement

itltrotDecember 19, 2013

The plumber came last week and did the shower plumbing on our masterbath remodel. Last night as I was explaining the plumbing to a friend I realized I think the shower wand plumbing is in the wrong location.

I had left a picture as a reference but we honestly never spoke about the wand. We discussed the drain, the rain head and the regular shower head. DH says it's up to me if we have it changed. I don't feel like it's usable at it's current height unless I get a super long hose and I don't think I want to fight with extra hose. Maybe I'm being silly. I've waited 12 years for this bathroom remodel and don't want to live with something that I'm not sold on.

Current placement is over 6' (I didn't measure exactly). In my head it was going to be mid height on the shower like shower valve height.

Sorry for the poor iphone picture. The higher one is the shower wand, the lower one towards the corner is the wand.

Let me know your thoughts. Ignore all the wiring in the shower as the electrician hasn't been there yet to move it.

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Have him move it. Looks like you could have it down on the right, just right of the 1X4 leaning against the wall.
NOt a big deal, just place some blocking and connect it down below.

Am sending a pic of mine (testing for plumbing leaks) for reference. Remember you don't want the elbow coming out at the height you want to hang the actual shower wand head, you want the water coming from below and coming up the hose. I am actually going to have two hookups for the actual wand, one at 'normal height, ie lower and to one side of the main shower head, and one on the adjoining wall, but lower to accomodate my shaving my legs. Like you, I waited a long time for this bathroom, and I want it to function for me!

BTW, I think you meant to say above, that the higher one is the shower head! Am I right? LOL

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I can't be held responsible for what my fingers type!

Yes, the taller one is the regular shower head. The slightly shorter one is the current want placement.

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