WANTED: A Present from Coconut!

Bumblebeez SC Zone 7January 31, 2013

Coconut is my swap partner and her huge box came yesterday! A perfect day to get a present, it was cold and pouring down rain.

Everything is sooo nice and exactly what I can use and like!
I particularly love the basket, I have always wanted a ceramic bread basket and my kitchen colors are red, blue and yellow so it is perfect! And the tea towels are so pretty, they match my garden which is filled with roses and I love the colors, my laundry room is that eggshell blue.
And hot chocolate! Yum! We all love hot chocolate, especially Dad.
but I mostly appreciated the sweet note, thoughtful wrapping paper and the thought behind everything.
What a fun swap! Thank You!!! Coconut!

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Wow, I love everything, but I really like the towels, they're so pretty and springlike in January.

Good job, coconut!


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I LOVE what Coconut sent you. The bread basket is beautiful and those tea towels. Oh My!! I love tea towels and those are so pretty.


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Great swap gift!

The bread basket is very pretty and the tea towels are beautiful. Anything chocolate is good.


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Those tea towels are gorgeous. I wouldn't be able to bring myself to use them! Love them. I, too, love the red bread basket. I really do. Yep, hot chocolate would be good right about now. Great box!!!

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I woke up this morning wondering if you'd get your box today, but wow yesterday? Christy mailed it Monday. The USPS is getting faster! So glad you like everything. I loved that basket! I dug around threads and found where you wanted one for 2011 Christmas. Took a chance you hadn't gotten it. I liked the tea towels too. I thought the one with the white background would go nicely in the basket and the blue one was almost a langiappe. Smiles. We love that hot chocolate. I tend to make cocoa from scratch but this one is nice and rich. We get it from Honeyville Grains, so I'm always up for putting an order in there. LOL Just glad and relieved you like everything and it got there in one piece! I was a little worried when Silvia's gorgeous red dish broke that red items were in danger. Smiles.

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Coconut, you have such a great taste! What a beautiful and thoughtful basket! Bumblebeez must be enjoying her wonderful present. And I just got a new tip from you about wrapping the fragile items. They have to have a box within a box, like your ceramic box had.:)


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Both lovely and thoughtful. What a sweet box this is! I might have to look for some of that cocoa.


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Purrfect! Towels, basket and best of all chocolate!
Enjoy them all!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

You are so thoughtful Coconut, finding out what I want!
I don't post that much about personal things, so, you did great! And I will certainly use the tea towels but they are too pretty for everyday messes and I will save them for when friends visit and I need a pretty towel to line a tray.
Today is frigid and time to break out that hot chocolate!

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It is challenging to find out what swap partners want/like. I stress over Christmas presents for family members and I know them!

Good job, love the basket.

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That basket is pretty and those tea towels are so cute! That was clever to think of searching old threads for gift ideas, Coconut, I will have to remember this for future swaps. This is my first one and I am having so much fun with the whole thing!

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Great job Coconut! You made great choices on everything, but I especially like the bread basket. Nothing like items that are attractive, but practical, too.

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Great gifts! I love the basket. It would look nice on MY kitchen table. The tea towels are just too wonderful. God going, Coconut. Enjoy, BB.

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The towels are so beautiful.. And milk chocolate hot chocolate :) so yum!

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That is a lovely box, Coconut. Really pretty towels, and you can do lots with that basket. Hot choc. in winter goes without saying where I live (often spiked with peppermint schnapps :P ). Enjoy, Bumblebeez.

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Hope you did check out the hot chocolate Bumble. Back to being cold again here today. Aw, don't hesitate to use those tea towels, at least for lining the basket. Smiles. I learned something when I bought it. I never thought to use them for cold too. They talked on the box about chilling the basket and using it in summer to help keep fruit cold. Nice idea.

Mabel, I'm glad you're enjoying your first swap. It makes you a bit nervous until they arrive and your partner likes things. Smiles. The receiving part is just plain fun and so interesting to see what's chosen for you. I love the notes and cards people send each other. Makes it all the more special.

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Such a lovely Swap box! I love it all but those tea towels are calling my name.

Coconut, Great job!

Mabel, I'm sure you are enjoying everything!

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That is a very nice bread basket....can they be warmed up in a lightly heated oven? And I hereby nominate coconut as the official swap spy, LOL! Now I'm craving hot chocolate...must resist....and those towels are really very nice. Nice package, enjoy Holly!

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LOL Jessy. Do I get a cool trench coat to wear? I got lucky in searching out old threads Holly had posted to. When she said she'd like one of those baskets I figured it's just the kind of thing we cooks hint around to our families to get us, that fall on deaf ears. LOL. Yes, it can be heated to I think it was 325 or 350. Holly said she was going to use it cold, wonder how that made out? Holly? Did it help?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I ended up not doing the fruit but I did use it for some muffins and it worked great. I lined it with one of the towels and it was so pretty!

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Clap, clap. I'm so glad you used them already! Nice. Smiles. I'm a happy swapper.

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