should I opt for a Redi-Tile niche?

mabeldingeldine_gwDecember 13, 2012

As we get closer to tiling our tub/shower surround, I'm a bit apprehensive about getting things done, especially as my DH is getting chilly feet.

We'd like a fairly large niche, or 2 smaller niches, on the long wall. I've seen preformed niches such as this one by Tile Redi (linked below). At $47 it is kind of spendy, but what say you experienced tilers, would it be worth it to purchase 2 rather than frame out one long niche? We will be using hydroban for waterproofing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Redi-Tile niche

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I wouldn't consider it "spendy" at all. I would charge twice that to fabricate one from scratch....

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StoneTech, have you used them before? This is for a budget renovation I'm doing myself in my old house. I'm trying to keep the whole project under $3K.

I have all the materials readily available to construct one, just looking for input on the ease of use compared to constructing my own. If they will save me lots of time, make things much easier, they might be worth it to me.

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We are using one in our remodel. My husband installed it himself with no previous experience. We decided not to use the shelf that was included because it was very thick and I felt it took up too much room in the niche. Instead we ordered a glass shelf to fit that matches the glass shelf on our shower stack.

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