WANTED: Mardi Gras in Michigan!

annie1992January 31, 2013

Hooray, my swap box is here!

A few days ago, I found this on my porch:

It was from Ann T, and I thought "yes, Ann T is my swap partner". I opened the package and found this:

The note said that my swap partner had purchased this knife block for me and wished me not to post until the rest of the package came. Now, of course, I'm in "high anticipation" mode, I've got one of Moe's handmade knife blocks, what could possibly be following? And from who? Where the heck is Sherlock Holmes when you need him? (grin)

This morning the mail delivery lady brought a box. It was from Louisiana! Yes, my swap partner is Karen/RiverRat, and I just knew she'd send me a box of Louisiana sunshine. She did, this was in the box. Note the wrapping, she said it was a combo Mardi Gras/Valentine's theme. (grin)

I impatiently tore open.....um, patiently unwrapped the contents. Yeah, that's it.

First, a couple of wine glasses for Elery and I. Red Solo Cup, with a nod to Toby Keith, LOL. These, however, are reusable and dishwasher safe! And a ceramic knife that folds up like a pocket knife. I guess she read that thread about how I tossed a ceramic knife into the drawer and chipped it, not going to happen with this one!

Folded up:

Opened for use:

The hats/beads/masks/tokens were all packing material, and designated for the grandkids. Off to the far right you'll see a photo of Karen and her DH dressed as King and Queen of Mardi Gras. Queen Karen and her King reign until February 2, so now we must refer to her as "your highness".

The tokens/coins are from Karen's extensive collection, I found this one from 1973, the year I graduated high school!

There were various tokens, clear back into the 80s:

Karen included a note saying that she was kind of a redneck at heart, hence the Red Solo Cups, and the knife is one of her favorite utensils. The spatula is for the cake she knows I'll bake for Valentine's Day, now Makayla will have her own!

The kids are going to have a ball with the party stuff, now I have to make a King's Cake and have a celebration in Honor of Queen Karen. In the meantime, Elery modeled the hat and mask.

No photos of him with the beads, or what happened to make him earn them. (grin)

Thank you, Karen, I love it all. The knife block is perfect, I have very little counter space or storage, so I can hang this on my wall and free up some space currently occupied by a knife block. It's beautiful and perfect, and a special thanks to Ann T and Moe, for choosing and handcrafting such a lovely and useful kitchen item. It'll also be perfect when we finally get around to building on the farm.

And now I've got to get busy packing and mailing mine!


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"Throw me something, mister!" What a great Mardi Gras package! Lucky you, Annie! I will have to try this ceramic knife everyone raves about. Love the red solo cups and the knife block. I like the beads, masks and doubloons, too. I like the card with the brownie on it!! :)

Enjoy! Can't wait to see the cake you make! Great job Karen.

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Karen is a good listener! What an outstanding job but I expected no less from her highness.

How did you get Elery to pose like that? It's great.

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Deb, that card is one of Ann T's cards wither photos. Not that my brownies eveyr look like that, LOL.

Cathy, she IS a good lisener, isn't she? As for Elery, well, let's just say I have my ways. (grin)


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I thought that was one of Ann's cards! Annie, I'd offer up the king cake recipe I used last time I attempted it. But, um, no, not a winner. I think the dough Ann uses for her danish is better. I have found my family prefers that I actually order them from Nwalins! So, that's what I do! LOL!

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Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Karen always is so good at finding just the right items for a swap.


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What a great box! I love magnetic knife racks but that one sure is the most gorgeous one I've ever seen! The solo cups really cracked me up. Les et Bon Temps Roule' LOL. That knife is cool and just love how it folds. I like the squared end on that cake spatula. That will come in handy icing the bottom edge of cakes. Great gifts all and talk about Langniappe!! The kids will have a ball with all the Mardi Gras loot, as much as Elery will miss wearing it. LOL. A doubloon from your graduation year and all those nice old ones.

Well done Karen. Well done!!

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Karen, you are shining with the well chosen items for the swap! what a great ideas!

Annie, you are ready for a big party! and everyone in your house is going to enjoy. Great picture of Ellery! he is ready for Mardi Gras...


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What a wonderful box of pure joy! Karen, you are an amazing swapper. You've raised the bar for sure.


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Wow what a haul! Karen put together a fantastic swap box, I would have loved to have any of those goodies. And the knife block is sensational!
Enjoy them all and "hi" to my pal Elery!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

So interesting and appropriate, what a great swap present.

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Great theme Karen. Love all the Mardi Gras Jewelry. The kids are going to have a Ball.

The knife is cute. I don't think I have seen one that folds before. Annie, I'm sure that the cake spatula will get a work out with all the beautiful cakes you make.

And of course I'm very happy that you like the knife rack that Karen choose for you.


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What a great package! I love all the Mardi Gras trinkets, how fun! And that is one gorgeous knife rack, yeah boy. Enjoy your gifts, Annie, it sure does look like sunshine in a box.

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Wow - that is one amazing swap box. The knife rack is incredible, but the wine glasses really make me smile, too! It was really tailor-made for you, Annie!

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Laissez les bon temps rouler! What a great theme for a swap box. I've seen pics of Karen and Charles in their King and Queen regalia and it quite the sight to see. They are gorgeous.

How very wonderful to send you one of Ann T's knife holders to you. Nice work, Moe.

Karen, you done good. Enjoy it all, Annie.

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Yay! Annie, I'm getting in late tonight but I'm glad to see your box arrived! I'll post tomorrow. So glad you like it.

If you want the best King Cake ever...go here to the link below. Beautiful and very very tasty and is a friend of mine. Not kidding. Best ever!


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What an amazing and such a thoughtful swap box! That knife looks like a must have for picnics!

Mardi gras sounds like fun in cold February!

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Nice. The knife holder is gorgeous. And I love the folding knife...I could see keeping one of those in my glove box or at work. I have seen those red wine "glasses". Told DH we needed some on board his ATV, lol.

Really fun box, Karen. I'd be jealous of the Mardi Gras bling if I had a grandkid...sighhhhh.....

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Thanks, RR, for that link. It would be a lot less messy than making our own!

KatieC, maybe I could lend you a grandkids or two. Ashley is due in August, I'm sure there are times when she'd box Madi up and mail her off to you, LOL. She's kind of a lot like her mother.....


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I hope you make your own King Cake..probably would be the best King Cake ever!

Tell Elery to pull the hat down just a bit. He'll see that it's also a Mardi Gras mask. The holes are for your eyes. LOL!

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Yeah, I was wondering who had to do what to get those beads, LOL. I want to see that ceramic knife mounted to that incredible knife block (grin...I'm being evil again). Those solo cups are going on my list of high school graduation gifts. And I'm glad to see another of AnnT's awesome greeting cards!

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