WANTED: I'm now an honorary Jersey Girl! Goldgirl is too!

riverrat1January 26, 2013

Holy Moly! Goldgirl has packed up a Jersey Girl Winter Emergency Kit for me. So nice!

We have 4 large cans of Jersey Tomatoes from the Garden State! I'm thinking we may use some of these in a dish for the Valentine virtual dinner. These tomatoes are encouraging me to participate! I haven't had a chance to look through the cookbook that was included in this package. "Celebrity Chefs of New Jersey". I'm also thinking it would be a great opportunity to find a recipe in this book to cook for the virtual dinner. Such fun!

A good strong cup of dark roasted coffee in the morning is something that is a must have for us. Now we have a big ol bag of Bold Justice Blend. "Before Justice Alito, a jersey native, was appointed to the Supreme Court, he was Judge Alito for the Third Circuit in Newark. As the story goes, his law clerks convinced TM Ward Coffee Company, a Newark institution since 1869, to name his favorite blend in his honor. He still stops by the coffee company when he's in town." It seems we will be enjoying some famous coffee!"

The next item is from a local potter in her area. I love pottery and this will be used often because we include garlic in almost everything we eat. It's a garlic grater! The colors are amazing and match the cabinetry in my kitchen to a tee.

Goldgirl, This swap box is perfection in a box and I'm going to enjoy every single item. I'll proudly display the fridge magnet because I don't like to pump gas but self serve locations are taking over our city. Gone are the days of a full service gas station. Thank you so much! It will be nice to sit in a rare quite moment, with a cup of the Justice Blend, and read all of your local newspapers and the cookbook. That my dear is genius to include your local newspapers!

Goldgirl also included a lovely letter with information about her life which I enjoyed reading. It's nice to know a bit about our swap partners! Very cute card with an image of a Golden Retriver and a 3D butterfly on it's nose:-)

Here is everything put together. Thank you again for a memorable swap box! I love it all!

The pictures are a little small but I couldn't change the settings for some reason.

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So glad everything works for you!

And as I mentioned in my letter, as a new lawyer, I plead "not guilty" to cheating with four items. I had bought the coffee before seeing riverrat's post in the "What do you drink" thread that mentioned she and her hubby had cut back on coffee over the years. So in case the coffee wasn't to their liking, I included the garlic grater as an alternative gift. Honest!


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Wow!!! What a great swap box. Love the New Jersey Theme. That little garlic grater is beautiful. And I know how much Karen loves pottery. Karen I hope you will share some recipes from your cookbook. Well done Sue.


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Very clever! I love it. New Joisey. Judge Alito coffee -- what a hoot. One of my pleasures when I cross the bridge to NJ is to have my gas tank filled. NJ gas is much cheaper than here and PA and there are no self serve stations. I love sitting in the car and having the station guy fill the tank.

Well done, counselor. Enjoy, Karen.

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Yay Sue! Ya did Jersey proud! I need that magnet..lol. Love everything but that grater really speaks to me. I'll have to check around for that Jersey chef book. Have fun with your Jersey stuff Karen. Great box.

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Sue, what a great and thoughtful box!

Karen, enjoy all your gifts, they look wonderful!


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What a great swap box! I remember that we began the swaps as a way to share regional tastes with forum members in other places. I may have to think about my swap items differently.

I haven't seen a full service gas station in a very long time. There may still be a few around but not in my town. I think you can get help if you are disabled.

Great job, Sue!


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How much fun! I love all of the thought and humor that made up this box along with the delightful surprises! Enjoy it all RR! Sue, you did good!

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The coffee story is such fun! Such thoughtful gifts!

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Oh, what a great package! Good job Sue!! I love that bowl! I'm a bowl hoarder. The coffee story is great! The cookbook sounds fun! GREAT!!

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Clever theme. When I think of NJ, I always remember that the Garden State produces two-thirds of the world's eggplants. Good to know other things too.

I know RR will enjoy your package.

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That garlic grater is very cool. I need to suggest that to our favorite potter. I can trade him garlic, hehe.

Nice package, Karen. Sue knows how to put together a box. Sue, I was cleaning out my office and found your letter from an old swap. You did good back then too.

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Oooooh local tomatoes. Reminds me of our California 6-in-1 brand. I like that garlic grater, can you post better pictures? And I hope to see some recipes from the Celebrity Chef cookbook! Nice job goldgirl!

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