Is linoleum still being used?

obrionusaDecember 11, 2012

Im going to start to update my main bathroom. I plan on paint, new counter top lights faucet and new flooring. I already installed new tub surround a few years ago. There is currently carpet down so I can put linoleum down very easy and affordable. I would prefer tile, but cant really afford that now. If its going to look cheap then I would probably go ahead and just do it. The bathroom is about 60-75 sq, ft and I live in Midwestern part of U.S.
Advice please.

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You taking about actual linoleum or using the word linoleum for vinyl flooring? Linoleum is still available although more commonly used in commercial applications. There's some nice looking vinyl available although I think (and I'm not a designer) that the current trend is for tile.

Use of vinyl flooring requires careful prep of the subfloor, as imperfections will "telegraph" through the vinyl.

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We were on a budget for the bathroom and used sheet vinyl flooring (also, I did NOT want to deal with cleaning grout or the hard suface of tile). Three different people commented "I love your tile". Some of the new vinyl is very nice.

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Oasisowner would you have a picture to share of your bathroom with sheet vinyl? I am considering that for a small bathroom remodel.

You are right - some of them look just like tile.

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Linoleum is not only still being used, it's made quite a comeback over the past 10 years or so.

I've done a few Forbo floors over the years. I have a linoleum kitchen to do around March or April. Either Forbo or Armstrong.

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I am in the middle of a budget reno, and we just put down a new subfloor and vinyl plank flooring. It was relatively simple to install, and we are really pleased with the look and feel. Our is a Shaw Flooring product.

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I meant vinyl like you see at lowes/menards.
I feel better about using now.
Thanks all!

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Sorry, no camera at the moment, but here is a pic showing a tiny portion of the floor.

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Real linoleum is a wonderful, "green" material that is still made, though something of a specialty product now. It may not be cheaper than tile.

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