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ccc123October 25, 2008

We just looked at the new Miele KF1911Vi refrigerator. Freezer on bottom. 36" wide. Left hinged.

If you have one of the new Miele refrigerators, any model, I'd love to hear what you think of them. Pro & cons? Thanks!

Originally we were going to go with the Sub Zero 736 refrigerator; two freezer drawers on bottom.

The Miele rep says that their fridge doesn't require any regular maintenance from the homeowner. But Sub Zero requires the owner to vaccuum the coils every 6 months or the warranty will be voided.

Also Miele says that all of their appliances are energy star rated. And that the Sub Zero is not.

Other appliances we're considering are: Miele Excella dishwasher; Miele KM5676 36" electric cooktop; Miele 4840 laundry & electric dryer; Gaggenau ovens. We're hopefully getting solar that's why everything is electric.

Miele's dependable customer service & build quality sound good. On GW, I've read mixed reviews about Sub Zero.

Between the Miele fridge & the Sub Zero fridge, which would you choose?!



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I personally would choose the SZ. First Miele is relatively new in the fridge business. The Miele fridge is the upper level version of the Thermador Freedom series and the Wifi and other features I could live without. Plus, I think the SZ drawers are a big plus. BTW, I am a little biased since we are getting the new SZ 36" all units for our new house. Just my 2 cents

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miele columns here. Got the miele over the subzero because of noise concerns. I was going to go with the thermador columns but had heard complaints with the install and customer service in our area. The sales rep thought the miele would be quicker/easier to install than the thermador with more reliable electronics/ I have to say that I think it is over priced, yet it is extremely quiet. I think a top over bottom freezer is a better arrangement. I need to play with the use a bit to really give it a fair assessment.

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Miele may be new to the refrigerator business in N. America, but they've been doing refrigeration in Europe for years. I had Miele refrigeration when I lived in Europe, but I had to settle for SubZero when I returned to the USA.

I've no complaints about SubZero, they make a very fine product that I've always recommended to anyone who asked. SubZero's dual compressor refrigerators are far superior to any single compressor system available from other American manufacturers. Now, however, SubZero would probably be my second choice. The new Miele refrigerators also have dual compressor systems, and based on my past experience, I have an abiding trust in Miele quality and service.

Except for my cooktop, which I chose based on appearance and the quality of another German brand (a Gaggenau 36" gas model) and the SubZero refrigerators, all other major appliance in my house are Miele. Laundry, ovens, warming drawers, dishwashers and vacuums. I just don't think you can beat Miele quality and Miele service.

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I think the Miele's in Europe were made by Liehber.

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The Miele's in Europe were made by Miele. Miele builds everything with the Miele name on it.

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wa8b how sure are you on the Miele in Europe building there fridges?

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We just got the 30, right hinge, lower freezer, my impressions so far:

QUIET - nearly silent when the compressor is running
Fit and Finish are good.
Materials seem to be of really high quality
Interior lighting is incredible
Door hinges and flush fitting were are plus to us, as we used Studio Becker cabinets throughout the kitchen.

In contract to the SZ fridge/freezer drawer we put in the bar are, I like the Miele much better. I am shocked out how loud the SZ is and how quiet the Miele is.

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I found this comment. Do not know if is true.

Miele used to /still uses Liebherr to manufacture ref. unit for the Euro market. FYI - they also outsource their coffee machines.

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wa8b - you are ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT. I can tell you for a fact that Miele does not build everything they sell. The very product we're talking about in this thread is made for them by their competitor BSH! This is not their only re-badged product.

Better check your facts and find a new salesman.

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Antss - Is there any reason you need to scream? What are your facts? If I'm mistaken, I'll stand corrected....but so far, your shrieking isn't exactly a convincing argument.

Better check your attitude and find some manners.

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Any average human looking at Miele's fridges and the competitors can see they are of identical chassis, shape, motors, etc. Small things may change, like door shelving, some plastic parts on the surface, and cosmetic things, so the fit is only 99.95% good.

Neither is this a surprise to anyone either; when I have been comparison shopping nobody has blinked when I ask them which manufacturer made it so Miele could brand it. They tell me before I ask, often.

If you call Miele's toll-free number you may not get the most direct answer since this question does not need to be answered in order to provide service or to tell you they guarantee their product.

That too is not surprising.

Nothing new here. Many appliance manufacturers build for their competitors too. Been done before. Nothing wrong with that. Not illegal. Not a secret. Not a low-level activity either. High-end firms can do it too.

If you really challenge them about the differences, or lack of differences, they will always tell you that their quality control is different and thus better. This is a routine answer. They all say that.

Usually the firm that is buying another firm's manufacturing process result is able to offer more features for the same money. (!)

Hope this helps.


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Yup, antss, Canuck and David are absolutely correct. Miele fridges sold in Europe used to be made (well, at least those that my parents bought) by Liebherr. And the Miele fridges sold here now are made by BSH. But don't feel badly, they're the same fridges as the Gaggenau ones - the other brand that appears to have your stamp of approval (and I don't debate your impression of either).

FWIW, as a third party observer, antss' post doesn't come across as screaming. I read his post as responding just as emphatically as you have in your posts, including the first one which contained a few factual anomalies. ;-)

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caps or shouting as you put it, 2 words was for emphasis. I hate seeing inaccuracies on the internet that soon become "gospel" because of the "I saw it, it must be true" mentality. In addition, you ARE wrong. What facts did you make your overly broad and inaccurate assumption on ??????????

A salesman, I heard......, no, I read it on the internet, maybe it was published in a trade journal? Don't like my attitude, sorry, call the PC police. My rep around here is to tell it like it is and not sugar coat it. I know it comes off as abrasive sometimes, but I'm a no nonsense sort of person.

The Miele nameplate is on an authorized line of scale model appliance for children to play with, Think those are made in a Miele factory? What about eh modle train cars the say Miele and are stamped Marklin? Just because you had a Miele fridge made in their factory doesn't mean all fridge models were/ are made by them. I lived in Europe for a while too, and had a Miele fridge in Germany, was made by Liebherr. Should I tell everyone all Miele fridges are made by Liebherr based on that?

wa8b , Miele's anual report usually lists their factories and what they produce. It's on the website too. Can you tell me which one makes their Coffee Machines? How about the vent hoods. Hint, they are produced in Italy. Still think they make everything in house?

FWIW, the the new Miele fridges have a slightly different chasis than their BSH cousins, it makes servicing the sealed system way easier. The unit can remain installed. The computer, and control interface is also different, there is also a provision for remote monitoring by Miele built into their models that the BSH lineup doesn't have.

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"Can you tell me which one makes their Coffee Machines? How about the vent hoods. Hint, they are produced in Italy."

We just got the built in coffee, and the box and unit both say made in Germany on them...the fridge? Made in Turkey.

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Original poster here --

Thank you so much to everyone for your helpful advice & detailed information. We really appreciate it!

Based on the above thread, I think we're going to go with the Miele instead of the Sub Zero.

But if you have any other advice, or info, please let us know.

Thanks again,

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Miele use Liebherr to manufacturer there range of refrigeration, they are made in Germany but to Miele standard, all the electronics on the other hand are Miele and they test ever compressor for 5 minutes to guarantee the quality of the unit, before it leaves the factory, all the plastic in the doors are made from lexan the same stuff Magimix use in there food processors and all Miele door seals are pre-molded. If they get five engineer calls from different customers from the same batch, they will put a recall on that batch!! In Miele fleet there are two models which are made by Siemens which are manufacturered in turkey, and made by beko, these models donÂt have Liebherr compressors are not the same build quality as the rest of the Miele range.

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Has anyone had noise problems with the Miele 1901 fully integrated fridge/freezer? Ours seems very noisy and the repair guy said it's normal. The sales guy said it's not. Help!!!

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This refrigerator is very quiet, as a matter of fact, I can't hear it. However, I can hear the mini fridge in the next room about 15 feet away when I'm standing next to the Miele

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Our new refrigerator makes a loud wawawawawawawa reverberating noise that the techs say is "normal". It's some cooling fan that oscillates and creates the wawawawawawa sound. Does anyone have this 36" 1901 machine fully integrated and placed on hardwood floors? I've had two techs here to check the machine and they all say the sound is "normal". How can a car running in your kitchen sound normal? I expected this machine to be really quiet but have not found that to be the case and Miele techs are all saying it's just the way it is. How can that be???? It's driving me nuts.

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"How can that be"

when this happen it's generally a case of mismanaged or unrealistic expectations.

BTW I'm not aware of and oscillating fans on these units, might want to call Miele in NJ.

They do make noise, but as loud as a car - really ?

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ok,...as loud as a car that is outside the window. it's just making a sound that, if it were a smooth sound, maybe it wouldn't be so noticeable and annoying. but the frequency is not steady. hence the wawawawawawa sound. our house is very small (less than 1200sf) and open with hard wood floors, so sound travels. but it's really not the quiet piece of equipment everyone says that it should be. i've had two different miele techs here to listen and hook up there computers and they all say that the sound is normal and that our house has "unfortunate acoustics". i just can't imagine how this sound and the level of noise could be normal. our old fridge that was a piece of garbage was quieter than this thing. very disappointed. the tech said it was some cooling fan that cycles on and off that creates the wawawawawa sound. sorry, but that's the best description i can give. i understand what an "unrealistic expectation" is, but what is a "mismanaged" one? thanks for your replies......

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My Mieles are very quiet. The biggest sound, as expected is from the ice maker. I have 30" all fridge and all freezer. Sometimes there is a not too loud humming, but infrequently. I think that might happen when I'm cooking and doing a lot of opening and closing, but I can't be sure. Most of the time they're silent, and don't even sound with my ear to the door.

I've seen many Miele fridges in different places that were also nigh on silent. I don't think it's unreasonable to want that. Unfortunately, the "unfortunate acoustics" might be the problem. Mine are on tile on slab, so very stable. Wood can amplify sound. I'll never forget trying to take a nap on a sofa with wood arms. The diving watch on my companion's wrist was resting on the wooden arm, and the ticking sounded like a big wind-up alarm clock with a basso profundo TICK. Hilarity ensued, but I finally did manage to banish it. :)

Fans in general make a wawawawawa sound. Otherwise known as "thrumming". I'm wondering if there might be a way to add some stabilizing material, insulation, or something that would dampen the sound, or at least prevent the amplification.

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thanks for the post, plllog....and for giving me a word to describe the sound. the thrumming sound is driving me crazy. this unit is the farthest thing from quiet that i've experienced in an appliance. miele is not being helpful. they tried replacing the cooling fan, but it still sounds the same. they also said they replaced the fan as a courtesy but that by replacing it they aren't admitting any fault of the product. so they've tried one fix, for a problem they wouldn't acknowledge and now won't do anything further to stand behind this very expensive product. the dealer said that their floor model is in "demo mode" so i can't go to them to see if this is a normal operating sound. if it is considered "normal", then i am sure we'd hear about it in these threads. i've researched the heck out of this product. i therefor think that it isn't a normal sound and that miele should be doing more to stand behind this product.

my advice is that if anyone is considering this machine, make sure you hear it running before you buy it. we would not have purchased this machine if we knew that this thrumming noise was part of the deal. it's one of those sounds you can't get used to or ignore. ugh......

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it's like a high pitched sort of thrumming, just to clarify. i would love to hear from anyone who has experienced this refrigerator (36" right hinged kf 1901 vi). someone please tell me that this sort of sound is normal operating noise and that their machine does it too....and also tell me you are fine with the sound. we even placed a full sheet of 1/4" cork under the fridge. didn't do a thing. the noise is coming from the unit, not echoing off the hard floor.

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my husband was most definitely bothered by the noise of our miele column - ironically, as I picked it for noise reduction over the sub z. The compressor on the bottom made sense for the quieter of the two. We had the fan replaced and numerous service calls about the noise. However,the noise was intermittent and didn't bother me as much. We have either gotten used to it or it has improved over time as I would rate the it as a fairly quiet fridge, especially compared to other models I have noticed functioning in homes. My husband taped the noise and earned one last service call from miele with it, but when the service tech arrived the frige was silent, of course. Miele rates this noise as "normal".

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thanks, lucypwd. well, if this sound is "normal", then people should know about it when deciding what fridge to buy. my parents have a sub-zero and it doesn't make any such noise. it's the oscillating or thrumming that is hard to deal with, not the volume. if it were a steady sound, we could get used to it. instead it drives us crazy! my contractor just shakes his head and laughs that a $7000 fridge would make such an annoying noise.

we taped it as well! they have replaced the fan once, but it didn't do anything to relieve the problem. i am also going to a showroom where they have this actual unit up and running, as opposed to being in a "demo" mode like the store we bought it had it. that will be the final word. if this is "normal", then my bad for picking this unit. if this is not normal, then i want miele to replace it. but i have to hear for myself.

my husband and i think it sounds like a cheesy old sci-fi movie with really bad sound effects. whatever it is, it's really obnoxious. whoever is considering this unit should make sure they hear it in actual running mode, and listen to it over a period of time after opening the doors.

thanks again for the reply. i really appreciate it.

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just got a call from miele, after many distressed emails to my sales rep regarding this weird pulsating sound. apparently this sound has been an issue for some customers, not just us. a new motor is in the works, and the rep at miele who i spoke to assured me that we will get this new motor for our cooling fan as soon as it arrives. VERY relieved. and very pleased at the responsiveness. thanks miele, and thanks gardeweb!

hopefully, i can soon go back to loving this refrigerator. it's beautiful and functions perfectly! it's just the sound that is driving us nuts.

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Still waiting.....

We are still awaiting a real fix from Miele. They will not commit to a time or the exact nature or efficacy of the fix. This is very frustrating. I am being told that whatever fix might come our way could be a "prototype" and may or may not work. They claim that the noise it's now making is "considered normal". This unit was expensive.....pushing $7500!!!!! While we await a remedy, I would still say to anyone considering this refrigerator, make sure you hear one actually running, and listen for a good long time. If there is carpeting in the showroom, make sure you get down on the floor to hear if the machine is making a pulsating thrumming noise. Open the doors and let the cold air out. Listen some more. The noise our unit makes is intolerable. The sounds coming from it are literally the ruining feature of our very expensive kitchen remodel!!! We are so bummed!!!! This is not what we expected when we took the plunge to buy what the sales person said was "the best" out there. I hope that Miele follows through on its promise to fix this unit. If they don't, I am going to be one extremely vocal and disappointed customer.

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I know this is an old thread, but it came up on a search and I just want to potentially answer Lovapanda's question:
"Our new refrigerator makes a loud wawawawawawawa reverberating noise that the techs say is "normal"."

If everyone else is saying their Mieles are incredibly quiet but Lovapanda's is making that annoying noise, I doubt the technician is correct when he says it's normal.

I think it may be that Lovapanda's fridge isn't level. Yesterday I was in an appliance store looking at an Electrolux, which was plugged in and extremely quiet, until at my request the salesman pulled it out so we could look at the sides and back, and then pushed it back in. Then it started making an annoying "wawawawa" type noise. The salesman said it must've come off of level when he moved it. So he fiddled with the leveling feet, and once it was level again, no more "wawawawa."

If you have this problem, it's worth a shot to see if the fridge is slightly askew and can be leveled. A fan that's designed to be silent when the fridge is level can stop being silent if it's tilted a bit.

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ideagirl - it could be that panda's kitchen setup and hearing are simply a perfect storm. If the kitchen is full of hard surfaces and the fridges normal noise echo is such a way that it amplifies the sound and panda just doesn't like the sound it makes - then panda has a problem.

It does not mean that there is anything wrong with the fridge, or that panda has to like it. It is simply the way things are. Some people hate rock music, (my parents) some hate Lawerence Welk (me) no amount of low volume (save off) is going to change either of these perceptions. If one finds a particular sound annoying it doesn't mean the source of the sound is defective. Price of an item is also no guarantee that you won't object to the sound either.

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To Panda:

We have all Miele appliances, and I don't think any are exceptionally quiet. Our 30 inch fridge freezer (2011) makes that wawawawawawawwa sound that is described so well, but it is just different- like the chugchugchugchug sound of so many diesel cars in Europe. The appeal is that Miele puts so much effective engineering in their appliances, in combination with outstanding performance and pleasure of use. The fact that a certain aspect of the overall outcome is not what I may expect as an American consumer is not necessarily a problem. It may be just a cultural perception. Go to Europe for a week and pay attention to everything. You may find nostalgia in that thrumming.

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I bought it in the end of year of 2009, it worked for 3 months in my kitchen and then dead. Miele sent technician to my house several times then decided change a brand new one for me.
The second one only worked find for another year and the ice maker stop making ice. the temperature went up to 70's once every couple day. Miele sent people over 10 time could not fix it at all. Miele doesn't want replace or take back my bad refrigerator even thought they can't fix their sloppy product. Their supervisor names Mike even proudly claim their refrigerator working fine in my house for more than a year. I am so exhausted to deal with it.

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They are both good companies.

Subzero 736 has 1 crisper drawer in the refrigerator section. This is not adequate crisper space for most families that only has 1 refrigerator, IMHO. This is less crisper space than most standard frigs that cost less than 1/2 as much. The pro of Subzero is that it holds milk gallons in the door (Miele does not). Miele has 1.5 drawer, I think. A little better than the SZ.

Some people that I know have these ref have complained of not enough drawer space and needing to store produce in a plastic bin for example.

Subzero 736 has a separation between the ref/frig much higher horizontal line than the other companies thus gives much large percentage of storage to the freezer. This is at or near 36 inches, where the counter is for most kitchens. This creates a beautiful line for the kitchen and designers prefer this because of the continuity of the horizontal line at 36 inches.

Unfortunately, I don't think this helps most families for the functionality in that the refrigerator gets proportionately smaller to the freezer in comparison to the other companies.

Subzero BI has much better interior layout with 2 sets of wide drawers, IMHO. SZ BI does not integrate, alas.

I hope SZ will come out with better interior for their integrated line. The BI inerior is SO MUCH better than the integrated line.

I have Thermador 36 ref/frig. There are 2 small drawers plus 1 large/wide drawer. I wish the 2 small ones were 1 large/wide, much like the SZ BI. You can store much more stuff in the 1 large drawer than 2 smaller drawers in the identical space.

After certain 'minimal standards' are met, the art of refrigerator shopping is based on the drawer space, linear storage space and door storage. Cubic feet is not nearly as important as the organization of these spaces. For example, you can store WAY more on the doors of 36 inch single door frig than FD. (Again the concept that you store more in a continuous linear space than chopped up space.)

I think the interior spaces are much better organized in all ref and all freezer columns in all of these companies. I wish I had gone that route. I did not want to give up any more linear feet to the ref/freezer.

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ConsumerReports just rated the Miele fridge "poor" in ice-making. Anyone experience a problem?
Am trying to decide btwn Sub-Zero and Miele 36' integrated,panel-ready bottom-freezer models. What's your preference?

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I have a Miele 30" all freezer with ice maker. I assume it's the same ice maker in all models, but don't know for sure. I don't know why it got a poor rating. I've been using it for more than a year and a half and am very pleased. The worst part is the price of the water filters, though the fact that there's a built-in, good water filter is a big big plus (you can turn the filtration off if you have your own water filter system, but they don't want you to have no filter at all, presumably to prevent build-up and damage from minerals).

The ice is pillbug shaped. That's short, fat half circles, no tapering like crescents have. I find it's a very good shape for putting in a glass, and for drinking without a straw. Easy to fill pitchers, etc.

The ice maker doesn't make a lot of ice at once, and the tray is pretty small, so I shift ice into the side of the bigger drawer. In another configuration, I'd put it in a container. That way I have plenty of ice in the Summer.

When the ice turns out into the tray, there's usually a little sticking up in the back. This seems to be what pushes the lever to tell the ice maker not to release more ice. I always shift the ice over and pull that back bit down. Once in awhile it goes untouched for a long time and the ice sticks together. Pulling out the drawer fast pulls the sticking-up bit of ice forward, instead of it falling, and it pulls the face plate off. It's no big deal to pop back on, but was startling the first time it happened.

I don't know what CR's criteria are for ice making, though, if it's bang for the buck, which is where they usually weight things, it could be "poor" just because the fridge is expensive. :) Ice makers are notoriously the most trouble prone part of fridges, and people get them fixed on expensive, built-in fridges, where on cheap "disposable" fridges they often use ice trays and fill the bin themselves after the ice maker gives up, being that it's not really worth the service call. Therefore the "poor" rating might be heavily based on the number of calls on it. Which might be to have the tech replace the face plate if it pulls off, or to get the filter out (I had to enlist man muscles the first time I changed it because the installer tightened it so hard), or to figure out how to reset the filter indicator (the procedure is baffling and the very worst designed part of the equipment--I always end up talking to the tech help 800 number because I can't call up the menu if they're not on the phone).

Anyway, other than that resetting the filter indicator is a pain, but worth it to have the filter, the ice maker has been working just fine for me.

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If you need a lot of ice ( and the Miele doesn't hold a ton) you will want a standalone ice machine anyway.

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I have the KF1801Vi, which is very similar to the kf1911vi. As I've posted elsewhere, the icemaking is a disaster. Mine's never worked and I've had it five months and endured five service calls. Seems all the king's horses and all the king's men can't fix it. I'm tempted to just fill ice trays, put them in the ice drawer, and be done with it. Having paid that kind of money for a brand new fridge I'd expect it to work, or at least be fixable.

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npod - not acceptable at all. If you bought it new from an authorized dealer - Miele should fix it or send you a brand new unit.

DOn't settle for a "we just can't fix this one" - no excuses.

You should call Miele in NJ and escalate it up the chain until their factory tech comes to get it working or they junk it and deliver a new one. I'm surprised they have not taken a keener interest in this.

Is there something you are not telling us ???

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I am considering the Miele KF1901Vi. I see some mixed reviews and old posts here. Would you all please update your current status with this unit?
Many thanks. JB.

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I have also been looking at Miele and SZ. I had been looking at french door fridges but DH does not like the idea of having to open two doors and each of the models we looked at (built in Bosch and Thermador, as well as Liebherr) had some sort of compromise we felt we didn't want to live with.

Next we considered two 24" liebherr's each with fridge on top, freezer on bottom. This would keep us at a price point we are comfortable with and give us ample fridge capacity. BUT, having to devote 48" of space killed this idea.

Next, moving on to 36" or 30" bottom freezer -- I like the built in SZ interior space configuration better. I think this has to do with the compressor being on the top and thus the fridge space is lower and easier for me (being on the short side) to access. I LOVE Miele - I want their wall oven and speed oven so badly and I believe in the company and quality but I like the layout of the SZ better.

In fact, I think I can get away with a 30" SZ whereas with the Miele I'd need the 36" to feel like I had enough space for my stuff ... this is just my perception - I'm not talking technical here. For my floorplan, a 30" fridge will allow me valuable room I need for a bigger trash base cabinet as well as more storage for dishes and extra counterspace.

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Thanks mamadadapaige.

Would anyone that actually owns the KF1911VI, please share their current experience!

Many thanks,


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Thought I would jump back in on this thread as I've had my miele fridge/freezer combo awhile now.
Freezer - I was advised by miele to decrease the temp to -9 to improve the ice function. The ice maker was replaced when I first got the unit as it didn't work at all. I've had no complaints about the ice maker since that time. My only comment would be that the ice drawer is not all that big. It is sufficient for daily use but not for a large group.
Fridge - I love the lighting, the lay out, the ease of door operation, temps stay consistent. I have had a bit of condensation ,(maybe a tablespoon) lately which pools on the top shelf. I need to call miele and see what they have to say about it. One design flaw is that the on off switch is located inside the veggie drawer which can and does get bumped off on occasion if the drawer is especiallly full. I still have the occasional wah wah noise - but it really is not much of an issue for me. It is definately quieter than when first installed. Maybe my hearing has become less accute.

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I have had the KF1901vi (hinge on the right side) installed for about 16 months now.

It's been perfect and I love it. No issues with any parts of it at all. Things seem to last a ridiculously long time in there compared to the ancient thing it replaced.

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I bought a Miele K1901SFSS and a K1911SFSS (36" all fridge right and left opening doors) about 18 months ago as part of a complete kitchen remodeling project. We could not be happier. The lighting is superb, it keeps various foods better than anything we have had in the past. I have kept fresh mushrooms in a cloth mushroom bag in one of the crisper drawers for over 30 days. I have kept herbs (sage, parsley, cilantro and thyme) in a glass of water on the top shelf for well over a month.

I have not hooked up the WIFI alert function but probably will when we go on a couple of extended trips.

I chose the refrigerator only models as I have never had much luck with ice-makers in fridges (so I got a stand-alone ice-maker) and I decided to put a stand-alone freezer in the pantry area as we use it sparingly eating mostly fresh foods.

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I own this fridge. The 36" model. It has made the wawawawa sound since day 1 which was this year. So Miele has not fixed the problem in the 4 years it has been a problem. I have had 2 technicians come out and here it what the problem is. It is the fan attached to the circuit board (the board slides out and is the vertical tab next to the water filter). This 3 dollar fan moves air from one side to cool a component on the other side. It makes this noise because it has been designed to run off "Pulse Code Modulation" or PCM. This is where the voltage that drives the fan oscillates from +12v to -12v with the same frequency that you hear the wawawawa sound. About twice a second. PCM is a way to get a variable fan speed by constantly turning the fan on and off so quickly that it never reaches a max speed but stays at the speed you want. But it is this constant acceleration and deceleration that causes this sound. I asked the technician to measure the voltage driving the fan and it indeed fluctuates as I described. There are ways to mitigate this sound which are known and I do not know if Miele tried any of them. One is to not drop the voltage so quickly but round the edges so to speak. It is unfortunate that in at least the past 4 years Miele has done nothing about this.

Some people claim not to hear this sound. My latest technician who came this morning said he can assure me 150% that every Miele fridge he has heard makes this sound. Not many people complain because their houses are probably noiser than this sound or some folks just are not bothered by it. It DRIVES ME NUTS! Its like Chinese water torture. Its insane. I agree, if it were louder but was continuous I could live with it. I hate it. It is the noisiest thing in my entire house and my house is full of gadgets and automation. Its a shame a 3 dollar fan is the source of most of the noise in a 10k fridge. The first technician said it is a design flaw and to make noise to Miele and if enough people did so they would eventually redesign it and give us fixes. It appears this hasn't happened since the original post so I am loosing my hope after coming across this thread. What might make us feel better is the technician said SZ makes a louder noise but it is a continuous noise. Slight consolation. At any rate, I hope the noise diminishes over time as another poster claimed. This can only be due to wear and tear on the fan however. I will not be recommending this fridge to anyone and will recommend SZ. Even though it is a very pretty fridge.


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I want a all refrigerator 36 in that is not going to break, I don't care who made it.

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Thought I'd post a follow up. My Miele Kf1911vi has been working flawlessly. It took months to get it fully installed as the doors came separately and were damaged in the warehouse. But that noise has all but gone away. I just don't notice it. Partly because with the installation of the doors I think the stainless steel doors shield it somewhat. And perhaps also it settled in and vibrates less?? I do not know. I am not going to question it and just enjoy. :) I also echo the posts about it keeping food fresh. It keeps all my foods remarkably fresh for MUCH longer than my last fridge. I now heartily recommend Miele fridges!

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here we are several years later.....and an update on our "thrumming" refrigerator is warranted.

miele replaced it. the new one is much better. it wasn't me, my floor, my unfortunate acoustics or cultural preferences. it was the unit. and miele stood behind it. we've now had the refrigerator for 4 1/2 years and love it. thank you.

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Thanks for the update! I'm so glad to hear that you pursued it and got it resolved. I've thought of you when my prep drawers are noisy, and the wood platform they're on makes it worse. But that's normal for them. :) Great that you now have a properly quiet Miele!

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