36 gas range nxr or bs/rcs from costco.ca?

abellvtOctober 19, 2012

Hello all: I am new here, but have been driving myself crazy reading all of your posts and trying to choose a 36" all gas range. I have narrowed it down to (I think) the NXR or the Bluestar RCS model from Costco in Canada (price is an issue). I would prefer the BS, but only at the Canadian price. I live an hour from the Canadian border -- does anyone know if I can buy the BS there and bring it into the states? Are there any technical reasons why a Canadian appliance would not work here? (We use propane.)

On the NXR, I know this is silly, but there is one aesthetic thing I don't like -- I prefer an open bottom, where you can see the legs. Can you remove the panel on the bottom, or is it functional?

Thanks for the help!

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The bottom panel ("kickplate") is easily removed for servicing but you do not want to run the oven without it. The kickplate is functional. It covers the oven baking element which, being a gas stove, sits in a compartment beneath the oven. For normal use of the oven, you do not want that exposed to the room.

As for bring a BS stove in from the Costco.ca, I believe that there was some recent discussion about your questions. The question may have been asked about one of the 30-inch BS models, so try searching here on the model numbers of the BS stoves that Costco offers. My recollection is that the bottom panel (kickplate) on the BS serves the same function as on the NXR so you should have it in place when operating the stove.

My recollection is that the Coscto.ca Bluestars come with the same propane conversion kits that Prizer-Painter supplies on this side of the border. Best to call BS and ask them directly, though.

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I have one of the costco bluestars.
It comes with a set of components to convert to propane.
We have only been cooking on it a bit but it is a serious cooking machine. The burners are excellent and the oven is even.
I believe costco canada will only deliver to a Canadian address but once you have it, as it's US made, there are no issues at the border.
Check other postings as this has been discussed before.

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