Fridge, DW, and Range hood help?

mommy2nkOctober 22, 2012

I am pretty sure we have selected the cabinets for our kitchen renovation and now I need to research appliances. I have decided to get the NXR 36" range. It seems to have good feedback on here. Although I don't live in a "pro range" neighborhood, I cook a lot and am always frustrated with having to move pots and pans around. This one seems like a happy medium, budget friendly and with a nice size.

Now I need input for dishwasher, fridge and range hood. I have budgeted $3000 for fridge, $1000 for dishwasher and $1000 for range hood. I currently have a Whirlpool Gold SXS fridge that is a few years old but I am not happy with it. I get rock hard ice cream and frozen lettuce. If I change the settings, I get warm milk. I am looking for a FD large capacity French Door. I really liked the looks of both the LG and the Samsung but reviews on here don't seem promising. I like the idea of the 4 door fridge. No clue where to look start for dishwashers, I just want one the cleans well. Range hood, needs to be a minimum of 600cfms and I think it will go under the cabinets. My current set up is a microwave which vents outside. I would love some direction in this area and hopefully can narrow it down for Black Friday. Thanks so much!

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