commercial microwaves - any downsides?

colin3October 2, 2011


The key upside for me is simple controls: put something in, turn the dial, off it goes. No more button-punching.

The aesthetics say "break room," but that's OK.

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DH works for a restaurant supply co. He said the only things to consider are the additional strength and the aesthetics. If you're OK with those issues, then go for it.

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I like the looks and simple operation.

Several of them only have six-minute timers though. Not long enough for two baked potatoes or large TV dinners.

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Thanks! I guess there is a tradeoff -- a 6-minute timer and lack of power-level controls would be fine for 98% of my nuking needs, but every now and then it's nice to cook something longer and/or at lower power.

The Amanas have ten minute timers, and, tantalizingly, their manual shows (page 12)
a control panel with both a ten-minute timer *and* a power knob ... but it's probably a phantom. Not the first time an appliance search has ended up with the perfect choice being unavailable.

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The higher power levels will require a dedicated electrical circuit. They're already pretty expensive, and then you have to add that expense into the equation. I Just don't see any advantage to going commercial when 1200 watt 2 cu.ft. homeowner versions are available. Yes, you may have to face up to the onerous task of punching a few buttons, but you also get the advantage of defrost and variable power settings.

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I agree with GreenDesigns. I am not sure I understand the advantage of that commercial microwave. I'd like to think a commercial model may have better longevity, but I have no evidence of that, it could have the same longevity as any MW these days, which isn't very long. Also, beware of the stainless steel interior - the KA model has that too, and gets poor reviews for difficulty to clean. Just as an alternative, have you seen the (consumer) Panasonic Prestige line which offers power, a dial, and pretty good looks too? Unlike most microwaves, it seems like the Panasonic guys thought a bit about aesthetics when designing their machines - nice clean streamlined look instead of a busy crowded touchpad. Not sure if Panasonic's "inverter technology" is a gimmick or not, but it overall works well. But, having said all that, it's YOUR kitchen. If you want the commercial model, go for it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Panasonic Prestige Microwaves

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Agreeing with the above, I can extend that thought.
I wish I knew why there are commercial microwave ovens when cheapies seem to work fine too.
I think I see cheap residential microwaves in many large cafeterias... and I don't get it.
These cafeteria ovens get used a lot.
I think I saw one in an Ikea cafeteria, and I don't get it.
In the kitchen showroom area, Ikea displays expensive wall microwaves.
But in their cafeteria the manager installs a cheapie near the ketchup.
Customers use it.
The associated thought process is going to reduce the need to buy the expensive one.
It seems there is no advantage worth mentioning or showcasing in Ikea's microwave ovens...
... since a cheap competitor's model gets installed for a million views a year.
b.t.w. for the record, I like Ikea and I've sometimes told them of things when they don't seem to be on the ball.
I might get around to sending them an email to ask about this.
But so far I'm still wondering about the massive price difference in various levels of the market.
I don't get the advantage of that whole line of product known as "commercial microwave" ovens.
Maybe in a restaurant supply store I'll find someone who can talk to me and list a number of reasons why these things exist and are bought.

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FWIW, I have the Panasonic model mentioned. The dial is handy, but you do have to press the start button. I find the extra features really nice, though... the sensor defrost, reheat and cook features actually work! Excuse the fingerprints... pic taken right after installation!

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I lose a lot of the things I use a microwave for, like defrosting, slow heating, temperature cooking and so on.

If all I ever did was nuke the occasional burrito for 2 minutes, then maybe I would go for this.

But probably not.

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poetry, davidro, poetry.

The panasonic is pretty! Thanks for the suggestion and picture. But the buttons make me sad.

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