Tile under medicine cabinet?

glsreadsDecember 6, 2011

I'm doing an early Victorian bathroom. I have a recessed medicine cabinet. Does the subway tile go under the cabinet or should it just butt up to the edge? There is a top trim piece that will be higher then the last row of tile. Is that a problem if tile is underneath cabinet?

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A picture would help others give you advise on this project. It is hard to understand what the tile and cabinet and plan are all about otherwise.

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You can go either way. It depends on how big/ high your medicine cabinet will be and how high your subway tile will go. We did wainscoting instead of subway tile and ended up butting up the edge.

If you look at the pics below you will see an example of it going under.

Here is a link that might be useful: rh medicine cabinet

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I would only go under if the tile completely encompasses the medicine cabinet. If it's only a wainscot, the cabinet would be half on the tile and half off, showing a gap above the tile.

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OK, it's not going all the way around so I'll have the tile guy butt it up to the edge. I bought the exact cabinet pictured above from Restoration Hardware. Right now the chair rail ends at the bottom of the pediment or whatever you call that top trim piece. Does that look OK? The tile is 6' high (room is 6'x 11' with 9' ceilings). I don't want to raise the cabinet any further as the mirror is small. At 5'6" my face is in the middle of the mirror but someone shorter will be standing on their tiptoes. Suggestions?

Here is a link that might be useful: Medicine cabinet

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