Trying to decide between double ovens

theyardbirdOctober 30, 2012

Good afternoon,

We are ready to replace our 23 year old GE combo oven/microwave. My wife wants to replace it with double ovens.

We've looked around at our local stores, and have found some competitive prices. Here are a couple of ovens that were quoted to us last night:

GE Profile 27" PK956DRBB - $2050

Frigidaire 27" FGET2765KB - $1371

I did a little searching on gardenweb and read that many on here like Electrolux and Bosch. And some people like Kenmore Elites, which are apparently made by Electrolux.

I asked the guy who quoted us prices on the Frigidaire and GE, to go ahead and send me quotes for comparable Electrolux and Bosch models.

So a few questions...

Here's the Kenmore Elite that we would most likely consider from our local Sears store. What is its comparable model number in the Electrolux line? Does it have the TouchWave interface that some have talked about here? As an added bonus, this past weekend, the local Sears store had a 50% off sale on Kenmore ovens (including this one). The local owner said he would let me take part in that if I wanted, so around $1600.

Of the ovens I listed, are there any that I should *not* consider (reliability/usability/etc.)? Do any of them stand clearly above the others?

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Comparing the Elite and Electrolux, they seem different.
Just a few differences-
It looks like you can leave the racks in to self clean in the elite.
The modes are different. In the elite I would clarify what the cake and bread modes are. It is vague in the manual.
No rolling racks in the Elite.
I would read both use and care manuals to see the differences.

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