Wood baseboard and tile question

dd70December 16, 2012

hi all, I need some help with bath remodel. We will be tiling a 3 wall tub/shower surround. The front and back wall extend about 2" beyond the bathtub so the tile will have to extend beyond the tub ledge unfortunately. We have the tile floor down and will be using wood baseboard trim. My question is should the extended wall tile end at the top of the baseboard OR should the tile go down to the floor and baseboard butt up against the tile (like it would on a trimmed out entry way opening). I'm not sure if there is right or wrong way or if its a matter of personal preference? by the way we do not have the surround tile picked out yet (and that's a whole other dilema) so i don't know the thickness. Any help is greatly appreciated, this bath has been apart for 2 years and I would love to get it finished ;)
thank you so much!

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Our tub surround tile extends down over the edge of the tubs (in both bathrooms). It stops at the top of the wood base board molding in both as well. No pics unfortunately.

Had we run the tile down to the floor, and the molding up to the tile, I think the side of our base molding (as thin as ours is) would have stuck out further than the tile .

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In my main bathroom (with tub/shower combo), I was initially intending to install wood baseboard around the room and ended up trimming out the edge of the tub/shower with bullnose tile and then carried the bullnose tile around the room instead of wood baseboard. It was not my initial plan, but I'm really pleased with the result. The trim around the door is still wood and it goes all the way down to the floor with the tile baseboard butted up against it. I just thought I would mention it in case you wanted to give some thought to using bullnose instead of wood.

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thanks for the responses. Catmom that makes sense to me and thats what I thought but my husband is having a hard time picturing it. Cactus I did think of that and that will depend on what type of tile we pick for the surround. I also thought of carrying the tile across the one wall (half way up). the other wall is where the toilet/vanity are so I'm not so concerned with that side, its a small bathroom.

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