e-cards -- do you have favorite site?

dedtiredDecember 10, 2009

I just figured out how much it's going to cost me in postage to send cards this year. A lot!

I am thinking of sending an e-card to one particular group. Even if I have to pay to join, the e-cards are a lot less than postage and I could use it all year.

Do you have a site that particularly like? I think the Jacqui Lawson cards are amazing but a little too cute for this group of people.

So I have two questions -- would e-cards seem kind of Scrooge-ish and which site do you like?


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I don't use them any more because they are popular targets for implanting viruses. That said, Hallmark seems to be a pretty safe site, though. I have an overseas friend who uses them to send to her US contacts.

Does it seem Scroogish? Hmmm...kind of. I think the closer the relationship, the less good I feel about it. In other words, if my paper carrier sent me one, I'd just think "oh, ok, that's nice", but if a good friend sent me one, I'd probably think she didn't put much thought into it.

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I'm Scrooge, too. I got one yesterday from Jim's cousin, but she's so scattered that it could have been a viral thing that she picked up on her computer, which then absconded with her address book. It would be sooooo like her. I delete them without opening, sorry.

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As mentioned above, I wouldn't send one unless I had permission from the sendee to give his/her email to a third party. I keep trying to explain to my FIL to take my name off those ecards he sends me. My pleas of 'how would you like me to send out your social security number' don't register. He keeps saying 'but they promise to not sell your name' and I have a bridge in NYC to sell him. I finally had my kid go in and delete us all from his blasted account.

I'd rather get a regular email than a snail mail card to save a stamp and the environment, but certainly not from third party websites like Hallmark/Blue Mountain etc.

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Ah kids! I should have had one just for electronic tech support! Someone should do a rent-a-kid.

Actually, Jessy has an idea there. I'd prefer a regular email (you can always dress it up with a holiday template or some clip art) over an e-card.

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Gosh, I never thought about that -- viruses and spam via ecard.

Okay, I am doomed to stand in line at the PO and write 25 additional addresses (or skip the whole thing).

By the way do you all send holiday greeting cards?? I get fewer every year, but maybe fewer people like me.

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You know, you are allowed to use your computer's address book to print labels. In fact, the post office encourages it for faster, more accurate mail sorting. :D (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!)

I've cut my holiday card list waaaaay back -- maybe a dozen this year. Cards are sort of like obligatory gifts (not the kind you want to give, but the kind you feel like you HAVE to give). Ya' get one, so you feel like ya' have to send one...even if all the sender did was sign their name and it took you five minutes to remember who it was. It gets silly after a while because the relationship is gone, but the cards keep coming. I'd rather put more time and energy into sending the ones that really count.

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I still send cards. Why would you have to wait in line at the post office? There are stamp machines, or buy them at Costco. I address cards while I 'watch' TV. No big deal. And everyone likes getting them in the mail.

In fact, I belong to a club that has a voluntary card list. About 80 names this year, and it's fun to get cards from all over the country.

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I send a few snail mail cards to Canada because I know it's nice to receive a foreign postmarked card in the mailbox.
Otherwise I use Jaquie Lawson cards or make my own greeting with a collage of photos from here with some added Christmas music on the background.

A tip for sending e-cards to your friends who are worried about viruses. Make the card with your friend's name and your greeting to him/her and send it to yourself at your own email address. When the card arrives in your box, copy the link in the card notice into an email from you to your friend with a note. That way your friends' addresses are kept private and they don't have to worry that they'll receive spam or viruses from the e-card company. I do this with some friends who are fearful and I have never had a problem with spam or viruses.


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I'm another one that doesn't care for e-cards primarily for the virus risk.... sorry.


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I also like Jacquie Lawson. As far as ecards go, they are the most beautiful cards I've seen.

BUT I'd never open an ecard from Blue Mountain.

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We may all be fighting a losing battle here. I'm finding more and more evites to parties in my and my kids mailboxes. Waaaaaaah.

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You could make a card and send it as an attachment. Several of my friends overseas do that.
Another option is to do post cards. You can even make those too. You can buy postcard sized scored cardstock paper for your printer. Postcards are just BIG LABELS on a printer. You can use the WORD label maker wizard, or even just divide the page up in quarters for the design. I have a couple friends who send post cards at Christmas. I don't mind those either.

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I think I will just bite the bullet and send cards. I can order the stamps online and hopefully avoid the PO. I want Christmas stamps and the machines don't have them.

I want to send cards to all the trustees of my library board. I have been president for the past two years and now my term ends. So, it would be a holiday greeting and a thank you for their help.

Ugh. I guess an e-card just wouldn't do the trick.

I actually enjoy sending cards and getting them from people I don't see throughout the year. Unless they are on Facebook, I have no idea what's going on their lives. I even like the Christmas letters!

To me it seems silly to send to the neighbors that you see all the time. For them, I just shout Merry Christmas out the car window.

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If it's to be a Thank-you card, a written note is proper. Somehow, an e-card probably wouldn't pass Leticia Baldridge's approval!

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I got a belated e-card from a friend wishing me Happy Birthday. I wish I hadn't. I would have preferred she skip the whole thing.

Christmas cards seem the last vestige of a lovely tradition of keeping in touch. I always consider them part of the gifts of the holiday season, that someone would take a little time to write a note and send a card. Of course there are those who don't write the notes, but send the card. Either way, with text messaging and digital everything, I like the now ''old fashioned'' tradition.

I also cut way back on my card list after realizing there were those who don't really care about them. I still do though, and it's the one time of year I enjoy going to the mailbox.

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Claire, I couldn't agree more. I have a drawer full of cards, letters and pictures that people have sent over the years. I don't save any emails or rarely an attached picture.

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What do you all do with the pictures people enclose with their Christmas cards?

Also, I got a Christmas card yesterday addressed to Mr. and Mrs. John Doe & Fa. Then on the inside it said "Dear John, Mary and Fa", it was signed, "Andi, Fred & Fa".

It bugged me that they didnt write out the word Family.

Have you ever see this abbreviation before?

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I have never seen that abbreviation. Wow. That looks a little lazy,

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I save all those pictures. I am nuts but when I clean the desk drawers out and find the old pictures I get a kick out of seeing them again.

Fa? Maybe they meant Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la.

Or they ran out of ink. Or they have a dog named Fa.

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I'll go with lazy.

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must be mail merged and limited digits for them to put Fa. Tacky.

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At least it's not as bad as Xmas.

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I have a little friend whose initials are H. A. She used to sign every picture she gave me "HA"

Fa. sounds too much like "Feh" to me, which is a Yiddish term of dismissal/displeasure.

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