Beginning basement bathroom remodel

jkoebnickDecember 6, 2012

We are just starting our project. We think we have the layout figured out. I just have a few questions on brands.

Have any of you ordered bathroom fixtures from Faucetsdirect? The prices seem good and they offer free shipping but I wasn't sure if we should do that vs. shop at a local big box store which doesn't offer all the brands?

It seems from this forum that Toto is the choice for a toilet. So I think we'll go with that. What do people think of Toto sinks?

Have any of you used Bella Foret bathtubs? I am interested in a free-standing with a walnut base.

And we want a tiled shower but it seems like most do a solid base like Swanstone or something. We are still on the fence on that decision.

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Or has anyone used this New Waves tub from Costco?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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We have used faucets4cheap three times and have been pleased with the prices and the service. our latest order has been delayed a week though. So I would suggest ordering early in your process.
We have used Toto Drake toilets in all of our bathrooms and love them.
for our shower, we used the Kerdi shower kit system with their floor tray and curb. And then a tiled floor over the tray. It may cost more money, but we wanted to ensure it being waterproof. there are other moisture barrier systems available, but when we remodeled our bath several years ago, Kerdi was the prevalent option, so we used it.

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I have purchased from Faucet Depot and Home Perfect and received my items without issue. I haven't ever used Faucet Direct. Personally, I would shop at either an actual plumbing store (not a big box store) or online for fixtures. I don't know all of the specifics, but as I understand, sometimes the quality of the items carried at big box stores are lower than those you would find in a plumbing store.

I have a Toto Drake, Toto Eco Drake, and a Toto pedestal sink. I like the Drake and the pedestal sink. I have not been as pleased with the Toto Eco Drake (which is a 1.28gal rather than 1.6gal).

Many people here do full tile showers, or tile showers with some sort of base (like cast iron). If you want tile, then you should go with tile.

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I really, really like my Toto sinks. We put three of them in our masterbath, two Rendezvous 17" x 14" oval undermount and one 15" x 12" oval undermount. The Rendevous have Sanagloss but the smaller sink was not available with it. The Sanagloss finish makes the sinks a snap to keep clean. I just swish some water around with my hand between regular cleanings and they always look great. We're putting two more Rendevouz in our guest bathroom. I was very happy with the price of these compared to many other sinks also.

We put a Toto Guinevere toilet in our masterbath. The Sanagloss helps keep it a little cleaner but when it is time to clean, I find it difficult to get the brush in the ledge around the top of the bowl. We won't get another Toto toilet.

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Very happy with our Toto Soiree's (3 of them).

I think I ordered our utility sink faucet from Faucets Direct--will double-check. Price was great, and we received the faucet very quickly.

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I have a Toto sink and like it a lot. I'm hoping the sanagloss finish helps it stay clean, but it's early, yet.

I debated between a tile floor and shower base. Ended up using the Kohler cast iron base, both to save some money and to avoid the maintenance of a tiled floor. Happy with the decision, although it definitely limits what you can do (only one side can be open, you don't want to drill holes in the threshold to hold a glass pivot style door...)

I bought the Kohler base from Lowes because of price and their reasonable return policy - you don't want to end up shipping back an item like that! I bought my faucets from ebay and various fly-by-night internet companies, after doing extensive research both in stores and online.

Regarding the rumor that big-box stores sell inferior product lines, I called Kohler to ask about that. I was told that you can tell if a product is specially made for a store if it has a different product number. If you see the same thing at HD as you do at Fergusons, and it has the same number, you can be assured it was manufactured without any distinction between stores.

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Regarding toilets, what are the pros and cons of a two piece vs. one piece?

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I ordered towel bar, tissue holder, etc from Ira Woods. They were clearance items and cheaper than a lot of choices from the big boxes.
I got my faucet from Deal Yard.

American Standard Cadet 3 is also well liked/reviewed. It comes in both one and two piece. The pro to one piece is ease of cleaning behind the seat where the tank joins. Cleaning that, well, on a two piece is next to impossible unless you take it apart. The con is if you crack the porcelain, you have to get an entire new toilet instead of replacing the bowl OR tank. There could be other reasons, but these seem to be the ones to pop up the most.
I'm considering a skirted, one piece because cleaning the nooks and crannies of toilets is one of the worst jobs! It wasn't like this before I married and had children, lol.

Tile and grout is porous. We are having to remodel our master bath soon because water is getting under there. Whatever "water-proofing" they used when the house was built, has failed. I'm almost positive there ISN'T any water-proofing. I'm going with a solid shower pan to avoid this problem in the future and ease of cleaning.

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