If you were a guest in our home, would you want a ceiling fan...

wishiwasinozSeptember 5, 2012

... in the guest room? We live in the southeast. As a whole, we only use the ceiling fan outside. The kids don't like them, & I just don't like the aesthetics or any dust they might stir up. I was not planning to put any fans inside the new house (they will be wired for fans though for resale), but then I started thinking about our guest room. I am decorating it with a hotel-like feel. Though a fan might not look so pretty, some guests might appreciate it.. Any thoughts? Maybe something like this to blend into the ceiling?

Here is a link that might be useful: Low-key ceiling fan

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Do the rooms ever feel hot or stuffy or cold near the floor? --And you are just used to it because you prefer not to have fans?

If you sometimes feel like the air circulation could be better when you are sleeping, I would say "yes". Other than that it's not something I would feel was missing in someone's house if I were a guest.

For people who want fans, I usually specify Minka Aire Concept in white without the light or Modern Fan Company in one of the plainer models in white because they are relatively clean in their design and don't have a lot of visible screws, details or other geegaws. I usually spec hugger style because of ceiling height, and white because my client's ceilings are usually white.

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We keep our a/c at 72 degrees at night & the whole family is comfortable. There aren't issues with feeling hot or stuffy.

I actually looked at a Minka fan, as well (see below)

Ceilings in that room will be 9'. Some of our guests will be from the SE, too & may be used to having a fan on in their room while sleeping. Those are the folks I am trying to keep in mind. But I really don't like the way they look. :-/

Here is a link that might be useful: Minka Aire Concept II

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I appreciate when there are plug-in fans available in guest rooms. I like the white noise and the air movement. If you don't want an overhead fan, this could be a solution for guests who are used to fans.

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I like ceiling fans and often have a hard time sleeping in a room without one because I'm used to a bit of a breeze. But at 72 degrees, I doubt I'd need one. In fact, I'd probably be asking you for an extra blanket! BRRR!

I'm in central Texas and we keep the AC set at 78 degrees which feels perfectly comfortable. Then again, maybe it's comfortable at the temp BECAUSE I have ceiling fans in every room.

While I love my ceiling fans, it is YOUR house. You should not put in ceiling fans if you don't like them. Instead, why not get a small box fan that can sit on a nearby dresser. Keep it in the guest closet and let your guests know that it is available if they're used to having a fan in the room.

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That is why ceiling fans save energy - setting a house to 78 and using a fan is a whole lot cheaper than setting it to 72 and not using a fan.

I'd want a ceiling fan - we set our bedroom to 66 at night and run a ceiling fan. We also use a separate fan for white noise. Wow - are we high maintenance or what?

Our house is on 78 during the day and overcooling at night is not actually a bad energy plan.

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Honestly, we avoid spending nights at the in-laws because they don't have a ceiling fan. We stayed there in June just one night and we deeply regretted it. Both my wife and I said, never again.

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We are at 78 during the day, too. David, you ARE high maintenance!

And maybe you are onto something with the IL's! No fans just might be the insurance I was looking for. On the first night they visit we can leave the thermostat at 82 & tell them we are too house poor to set it any lower. :-)

And so as not to leave anyone out, DH can do the same with MIL, as well.

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LOL, set the AC at 82 to keep the in-laws away, bahahaha !!

We also want a ceiling fan on when we are sleeping and have a hard time sleeping without it. So much so, that when we were renting beach houses, we would not rent one that did not have a ceiling fan in the bedroom. Also, when we went on a cruise, we packed a fan to carry with us.

We keep our AC between 78-82 all day (I prefer 82, hubby prefers 78 : ). This is comfortable for us as long as the ceiling fan is on. We have fans in all the bedrooms and the living room and use them all the time. Even in the winter, we want the ceiling fan on. Although, we run it on low in winter.

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Ceiling fans cool a room by mixing the layers of air and by removing the thin layer of warm air that stays next to a person's skin and by increasing the evaporation that normally occurs at the surface of exposed skin.

This air movement is comfortable for most people but for those who tend to be more easily cooled by moving air it can be very uncomfortable and lower their resistance to colds.

The fans also tend to make lighting more difficult and the lights that are often attached to the bottom of the fans are usually unattractive and create glare.

To accommodate as many guests as possible it is often a good idea to reverse the blades so air is pulled up and pushed out to the walls instead of the reverse movement which is a nice compromise.

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I would not be bothered. We do prefer ceiling fans, but as a guest, I would be grateful for the place to stay. I guess it depends a lot on what you keep your thermostat set at, but as a guest I'd be much more concerned about the mattress than a fan.

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Growing up in the southeast, I couldn't imagine not having ceiling fans in almost every room of the house. BUT, this is your house. I like to sleep with it on all year round but the hubby can do without one and calls me a polar bear ;)
I think it's very thoughful of you to consider putting one in even though you don't like them. I also think finding a pretty decorative table fan you could set out at least whenever you have company, if not all the time if you find an attractive one, would be a good solution.

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I wouldn't try to design for Every Single Guest, but if you anticipate a certain guest (or two) making frequent visits, I would ask them their preferences. Our guest room floor plan originally had a fiberglass shower in the bathroom, but my mom is religious about taking a long bath every night before bed. My mom visits us frequently (thank god my husband loves her!) so a real bathtub was a must-have upgrade. If she visited less frequently, or if we didn't really know who our future guests might be, I might have left the fiberglass shower.

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please put in the ceiling fan.
We live in the Mid Atlantic and when I moved here from the upper plains states I thought I moved to the tropics!!! I also dread visiting the Atlanta relatives any time other than Christmas.
My DH wants the AC at 70 or lower and I have to have air movement. Year round. I would keep the window open all winter if my DH allowed.
I also have been known to travel with a small fan in my suitcase. Yes really.
There are so many different styles of ceiling fans I'm sure you could find one thats not too offensive to your design.

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Yes...I like ceiling fans. And I also have a cheap (30 dollar) air purifier in my guest room for white noise.

Anything I like in my room, I like to have in my guest room, including a clock. Hate to wake up in the middle of the night and not know what time it is. If they don't want to use it, they don't have to.

I like the room cool as well David at night.. About 68 for me is just fine.

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My jokester grandfather suggests making the bedroom "not too comfortable" so guests don't overstay their welcome. Did I mention we are living with them for 3 months while our house is being built? Haha. :)

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That's funny Min-ite!

We do enjoy our company (mostly) & it will be fun to design a space just for them.

The final decision is to go for the ceiling fan, thanks to all your feedback. I think I will do the Minka from the 3rd post. It's fairly non-descript & will blend into the ceiling.

Thanks for all the feedback. I will let you know when our Inn & Guest Suite is open for business! I may even put some chocolate on your pillow if I like you! :-)

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Great !! We love to travel. Especially places that have chocolate. : )

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Good call, I as well like a chilly bedroom when I sleep!

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I like fans mainly for the white noise. When you're used to sleeping with a fan, it's hard to sleep in a dead quiet house. When we go to our lake rental in the summer, we always bring along box fans. I think desk/box fans create more white noise (which may drive you nuts if you're not used to it) but would be easy to put away when guests weren't staying at your house. I covet good beds more though :)

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I'm not a fan of ceiling fans, pardon the pun. I only put on fans to help dry my floors after I mop them. Then in the winter I put them on reverse to help circulate the warm air down from the ceiling.

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