Is this too thin for our door and doorway casing?....

threeapplesSeptember 14, 2012

it will be 9/16". The trim guy said this is thinner than standard. Should I have them make a thicker one? thanks.

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Are you saying that is the thickness of the casing and not the width? If so it does sound a bit on the thin side if it is uniformly that thickness, if just a portion of it then it seems fine. Guess it depends on what the profile looks like.

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this is the thickness, not the width. this is the thickest part. it's a very basic, traditional Georgian style molding.

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A picture of the trim would help, but from my past experience most standard door casings are 11/16"(except track/builders grade homes then it is 7/16" or 1/2" generally) and most base moulding is 9/16" in thickness.

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Are you talking about how far the casing sticks out from the wall? Ours is a full inch...I worked with the millwork rep to get the most substantial casings and trim. It is 5" wide. Really, really happy with how they turned out.

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Had to measure mine. This is not something that ever crossed my mind while building this house. It is 11/16" thick and 4" wide. It was custom made locally and I always liked it. Never thought about there being different thicknesses.

Just did a little research on google. One trim carpenter said that everything looks better if the baseboard is a little thinner than the door casings. Mine are the same thickness.

Nini -- your trim must be beautiful at 1" thick and 5" wide. Picture?

Three apples--for a house of your grandeur, I would think your trim would be a little beefier. I understand your concern.

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Here is a pic that you can see the casing into the dining room where it sticks out on the side (the depth, near the light switch), and you can see the width of the casing around the front doors. It is hard to get a feel for it in pictures.

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Yep, and I can see where your baseboard is a little thinner than your casing as recommended.

Very nice.

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Nini - gorgeous entry and staircase! Really lovely door and chandy, too.

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Molding patterns have been getting thinner and thinner for a long time.

Thick clear wood for molding gets very expensive.
many of the patterns available at the big box stores have been made from 3/4 inch wood that was already surfaced, limiting the final thickness that can be created using a four sided shaper.

Once in a while they have quarter round tat is a full 3/4 inch, but most is 5/8.

3/4 inch, quarter round used to be as 'standard' as you could get.

Even simple 'ogee' and 'ogee hook' trim have gotten thinner.

Baseboards capped with either used to be very common for a long time, and the baseboard was a full 3/4 inch thickness.

Some dishing out on the back to save on shipping weight and make it easier to get it to lay flat over minor surface irregularities.

I have run probably thousands of feet of old molding patterns to match old work.

A router table for smaller pieces, and a spindle shaper for larger (with molding knives on a table saw occasionally).

Many inches of 6 inch diameter shaper knives stacked on a spindle shaper (1.25 in shaft diameter) are a terror to behold and feed wood into.
They still give me pause every time I need to use them.

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