30" Dual Fuel Ranges you have/recommend?

Madeline616October 5, 2012

Looking for a stainless, clean-look, DF range for my parents new home.

Looking at the KA Architect Series II, linked below. My local shop can get it for $1750, but I'm wondering if anyone can suggest an equally good range for $1200-$1500.

Would prefer to not have to have the 6" high back guard/trim piece on the back (not sure what it's called), I like the clean look shown in the picture linked below.

Only other thing that's nice to have is the triple ring super burner.

Any suggestions appreciated!

Madeline :)

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Is there a particular reason you want a dual fuel? Given your budget of $1200-1500, you will get more bang for the buck with an all-gas range. If you think baking will be different in an electric oven, it only might be if you were a professional baker baking more elaborate items. But for the average home baker making cookies, cakes and breads, the all-gas oven is excellent. It is even better for things needing more moisture like breads and meats. Since you want to lower you budget to $1200-1500, I recommend an all-gas range.

It looks like your are already familiar with the AJmadison website (from your other thread). Check out the choices there in your price range. You can find a slide-in range (i.e. without the controls at the back) and with a 15,000 btus "super burner" starting at about $1400

Here is a link that might be useful: Aj Madison

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Thanks, alwaysfixin.

I've read so many threads on baking in an AG oven, and never seemed to find a consensus.

I appreciate your input, especially b/c my mom does bake a lot of breads, and I didn't realize the higher moisture level could be beneficial in that situation.

I'm checking out some AG options now.

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