60" double vanity- what to do with mirrors and lighting

L ADecember 17, 2013

I have to get a 60" double vanity for my house I'm building now. My electrician wants to know where I'm putting the lights. I would like to have 3 sconces with 2 mirrors. I don't know how this will work though. Will I have to buy really narrow mirrors to accommodate the lights? I don't know how much space a sconce requires. I could go with overhead lighting but I've read online sconces provide better lighting. I have overhead lighting now and it always casts shadows. Here's a link to a couple vanities I'm considering.
The pictures don't look like I have room for sconces. The mirrors aren't included with these. What do you think? I need to let my electrician know asap.

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I did a quick search on houzz "bath sconces" and found several pictures. Most that had double sinks and side sconces where 72 inch vanities or wider. Maybe do something like the one below with lighting above 2 mirrors centered over each sink?

Traditional Bathroom by San Francisco Furniture & Accessories Pottery Barn

Traditional Bathroom by Seattle Kitchen & Bath Designers Kayron Brewer, CKD, CBD / Studio K B

Traditional Bathroom by San Francisco Architects & Designers Gast Architects

Farmhouse Bathroom by Norwich Architects & Designers Smith & Vansant Architects PC

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Here are a couple more that appear to be closer to 60 inch vanities that look very nice with 2 mirrors and sconces. Maybe pick mirrors with a thin frame or no frame like the gorgeous bath below!

Traditional Bathroom by Aldie Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Collins Tile and Stone

Traditional Bathroom by Culver City Architects & Designers John Milander Architects

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i think that 3 sconces would be too much on a wall above a 60" vanity--- unless the wall extended well beyond 60"- i would use above the mirror lighting. you could possibly mount sconces on the side walls if the vanity is in an 'alcove' with wall on either side, but i wouldn't want that... getting a lighted makeup mirror might help if you have problems with shadows- i have never had as much a problem as some people seem to with lighting and makeup....

the pics above all look larger than 60" to me...

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I'm struggling with the same thing! I hate above-mirror lighting (we had that in my last house and although the mirrors and lights were beautiful, the lighting was awful, plus in our one working bathroom right now, we have sconces on the sides so I know how much better that is). I'm considering putting in a full-vanity mirror with sconces that get attached through the mirror. Ugh.

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The vanity is going to be on a 10 foot wall. Not enclosed. I have huge issues with lighting in the house I live in now, so I want to make sure I have a nicely lit bathroom. Theres also a window on the wall between the vanity and the shelving. The bathroom is 10 x 9.

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We updated our MBR just over a year ago. Our space only permits a 60" vanity.

I looked into separate mirrors - was especially interested in the tiling style. But, like you mention, they would be too small. We had a single mirror made-to-size and glued onto the wall as if "floating".

Our lights are over-the-mirror halogen (two bulbs per side) and offer very satisfactory illumination.

The vanity was built by a local cabinet maker and is 34" high. Both of us felt that 36" was a bit higher than we would find comfortable.

Photos are linked. Good luck with your build.

Here is a link that might be useful: Master Bathroon

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It does sound 10 feet wall space would help, since 2 mirrors, 3 sconces, all have to fit within 60 inches.

I like to leave 2 inches between mirror and sconce, at least 24 inches for each mirror. IMH less than 24 inches is too narrow. The width of sconce usually is around 4 inches or wider, each mirror needs to center to each faucet. Drawing everything on the paper it is easily to see there is no enough space to have a good layout.

We are going through the same decision for our master bathroom where the vanity is 78 inches. When fits everything in the look is too cluttered. We decided to use one big mirror for both sinks, and two 21 inches long LED light fixtures above the mirror. We have 4 can lights and one sky light above the vanity area so lighting for us is not an issue.

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For your help here is my 60", single sink vanity drawn to scale with a 24" wide mirror and 2 sconces that have a 5" escutcheons. The room is 9' wide and ceiling is 8' high.

BTW I don't think those shaded fixtures you've show will give enough light for makeup. In my other bathroom I have 2 side sconces with 100w halogen bulbs and I need every bit of that light. They are with frosted glass shades. These new sconces, as shown above, will have 120w each.

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We are doing something like this over a 66" counter, I think our wall is around 9 ft. Our mirrors will be 20" wide and sconces I think are 4.5". check your sink spread to make sure there's sufficient room for the center sconce.

Here is a link that might be useful: 66

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Sorry, I had not looked at your sketch. Is the vanity going to be set into the corner or is there space between the vanity and the window wall? If you're in the corner I think you'd have a hard time getting 3 sconces.

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We just finished our master bath remodel and have a 60" vanity with double sinks. We were going from a vanity with one sink, one light and one large mirror. The doubles made me wonder which way to go as well, and we finally decided to go with two of everything. I could not be more satisfied with the finished product. Our lights and mirrors are from Lowes. Hope this helps.

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I have a 72" vanity and narrow oval mirrors and three lights were a push. I would go with two mirrors with lights above.

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I have 2 side sconces with 100w halogen bulbs and I need every bit of that light.

In our hall bath, we put in side sconces over a 48" vanity, with LED lights (similar to the ones in enduring's picture). The light is great. I love halogen too but it gets very hot and we have a small room with no natural ventilation.

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We used 3 sconces in our 60" double vanity with 2 recessed lights overhead. These mirrors are actually medicine cabinets that match the lower vanity. We had the center panel changed to mirrors.

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chelsercat, excellent example of a double sink and mirror with sconces. Very efficient use of elements within the confines of your space.

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hmm, my guy was telling me that there is a code requirement that the fixture need to be 1 ft from the corner wall to prevent heat or something so i gave up the 3 sconce idea. but looks like it could be done (last pic above)?

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We used a licensed electrician so I would think that he would have known the code. Could the code be different depending on your location maybe?
The sconces are on a different switch from the recessed lights and both have dimmers so you can really control the lighting. Since the picture, we've added a lighted make-up mirror on the left side with an arm that is adjustable.

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We did a single sink in our 60" vanity, and since the room was so tight we wanted one large mirror to take up as much space as possible. We had the mirror guy have holes cut in it where the scones would go. We actually did the same thing with our 82" double sink vanity. I love how much extra light it gives as the scone like reflects off the mirror.

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