laticrete vs polyblend

hello8December 4, 2011

I am looking at the type of grout to use on a porcelain bathroom floor, as well as the pebble floor in the shower. I guess it would make sense to use the same material/color throughout the floor. We used Laticrete in the other bathroom floor, which also has pebbles in the shower. Now I am looking at Custom Building Products Polyblend Sanded grout and I've read some old complaints about Polyblend. Besides the difference in installation, is there any difference in long term performance/care between the two? I haven't seen this topic discussed recently on this forum.

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How abobut the fact that if there's a problem that developes, even initially, nevermind over time, that Custom Building products has built itself a reputation for making sure they find any and all reasons why it's not their problem, while Laticrete has built just as strong a reputation for standing behind their products, no matter the cost. It's the biggest reason why I'm such a strong supporter for the use of their products. I've done projects in the past, one, in fact, that cost them dearly, where there was a failure, and they covered every single penny, from demo, to reinstallation, to all materials, including the tile itself. THAT, is a company whose products I want to use.

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thank you --that is certainly something to consider. I think we'll go with polyblend, which we have already, on the bathroom floor and laticrete for the shower. We want to get the bathroom floor ready soon

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My only concern with Polyblend is that the colour tends to vary in certain shades. I use Laticrete whenever possible as I find it more consistant. As to "Customer Service," Laticrete is tops in my book. Henry Rothburg is the owner of the Company and is easily accessible and prompt in his concerns over his Company.....I can give you his Email if you like.

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