Help with marble choices in bathroom

cartom1010December 19, 2013

Hi there! I need help deciding on the type of marble to use in our 2 remodeled bathrooms. Prefer 2 cm slab, but could go with large tiles. The only thing decided is we have a orange-ish colored wood cabinet similar in tone to teak. The tone goes very well with Calacatta gold marble. However, that marble is expensive, and it can have large pronounced veins. I just want a marble that has some gold and other warm tones in addition to some gray, and with delicate veining. Swirls are ok and I like cross cut. I love the way the Calacatta is translucent and the gold and brown tones are visible through the layers of the marble. Are there any similar marbles with the same tone, but more delicate veining than Calacatta? Sometimes I see portions of the Calacatta slabs I like, but not usually the entire slab.

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Not all calacata slabs have deep veining , mine has very soft veining . I found mine at one marble yard out of ten . Keep looking . Good luck

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The stone warehouses in our area all post photos of slabs online with decent search functions to narrow it down. I would start with that, since you'll be somewhat limited to what's available in your area. If something looks interesting, you can go visit it in person.

I have seen very cool-toned marbles successfully combined with warm woods, especially in a contemporary setting. Do you have a pic of your cabinetry? What are you using the marble on? Shower? Counters? When you said you could use either slabs or tiles, I wasn't sure what the application could be.

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Hi- Sorry for the delay in replying; we were out of town while they were refinishing the wood floors! The marble is for the vanity counter. I only found 2 places that would sell me a partial slab of Calacatta Gold, and I did not like the slabs. We are just going to do large tiles. We are re-using the sink that came with the house, and the tiles will be easier to fit around it. I am new to the forum, and could not get a photo of my sink or cabinets to post. Will try again later. Just wanted to thank you for helping me!

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Marble is a very high maintenance bathroom countertop. It will need refinishing every few years, depending on how abusive and fussy you are. I'd suggest an estone marble look-alike which will outperform it.

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we are ordering venato carrara from for our master. we ordered a sample and it's not completely white/gray like carrara, there seems to be a bit of tan here and there but nothing like calcatta gold. we like it because the background is more white than carrara and the veining is not super dark like statuario. you may want to order a sample and see if it works for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: venato carrara

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