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weldontxSeptember 19, 2012

Whenever I use Firefox then log off and a time later try to log back in, Firefox tells me that Firefox is already running but is not responding. I've tried ctl/alt/delete with no just isn't there. I have to reboot to get started again. WHAT gives?

The other prob. I was doing some transfer of information from on site to a Word page using copy/paste. Now my mouse is stuck on one certain copy and I can't get rid of it!

The problem is probably easily resolved, so give me that "ok, make me look stupid" answer. I'll take it....worth it to get this cleared up.

Thanks in advance.

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Maybe look for Mozilla in the device manager instead of firefox. Just a guess.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

that can happen often in firefox and it is usually due to a profile issue. What ever you do when that pop up comes up and tells you it is in use do you want to create another profile don't do that! If you do currently have more than one profile that is likely the issue.
go into task manager control alt delete then in the processes that are running find the firefox exe listing this is under the processes tab select it and choose to end task.
That should release it.
You can also try running firefox with your add ons turned off because it also can be caused by a faulty add on. To do that go to Help then start firefox with add ons disabled.

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I write device manager. I meant task manager. Sounds to me like you are looking there and not finding firefox. That's why I'm guessing it could be listed as mozilla.

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Did you just upgrade to 15.0.1? I did the other day and had the concern happen just yesterday. Never had it happen before. It was not listed in the Task Manager. I had to reboot to regain control.


Just checked and FF is not listed in the Services tab of Task Manager. Only in the Application tab. In the Services tab Mozilla Maintenance is listed.


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I got rid of firefox right after version 15.1..
Don't remb why,, but I wouldnt have uninstalled it if it didnt have a problem.

I havent' had need for it since then, so I never did try to reinstall it cleanly. But that is a very simple program to uninstall reinstall when it does have a problem.

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It happens to me every once in awhile, not often enough to worry about it.

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Haven't had the problem yet on FF 16 beta.
Would sometimes get it on a few earlier versions from clicking back on too quickly after clicking off FF. If I waited a bit it would clear up by itself.

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Thanks for the input folks. DA. I've never seen Mozilla listed in anything. I do remember "updating" a while back but have NO idea to what version. When I check the Task Manager there are only two items listed... aha! could it be that the web protector thingy is the culprit? You know, the program that tells on you if you go to the wrong places...(grandkids). Funny thing is, this program hits on Dave Ramsey and JC Penney!!!!
You've given me some ideas at least and will check on them as the need arises.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

It is not possible to have only 2 items listed in the Processes tab of task manager if the pc is up and running, you are looking at a different tab. You are looking at the applications tab. Move over a tab to processes like I said originally.
DA I said processes not services

I have firefox exe listed in processes and every time I have had this exact same thing happen going there and ending task fixed it.

To know your version of firefox click Help then about firefox.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

here you go instructions as I gave but with pictures
"Firefox is already running but is not responding" error message - How to fix it

as I also mentioned this can be caused by a profile problem also mentioned in the above link.

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Found it now thanks. Saw one thing and read another.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

good deal glad you found it!

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