Drawers v. cabinets

lizb_1772December 8, 2011

After all the lovely tile, chrome, glass, sconces, and fancy toilet are installed and you've had a chance to ooh and ahh over your marvelous new bathroom ---- then the rubber meets the road and the real day-to-day living begins!

So, where DOES all the stuff go? The personal hygiene items, the cosmetics, the medicines, lotions and soaps, dryers and curling irons, towels, TP and tissues, cleaning supplies, brushes and floss, etc. In drawers? In cabinets? Do you wish you had more or less of one or the other?

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We did drawers only Even in the sink cabinets, we did two pull out shelves. No more bending down and peering into a dark space where things get lost. We did mostly shallow drawers, with the exception of one tall drawer at the bottom of the center bank. The two pull outs also give us tall space. It is all working out perfectly.

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don't you love all the pictures of sleek, pristine bathrooms with no storage space and sometimes not even a towel rack or tp holder! just the beautiful potted orchid on the sink counter.
our bathroom isn't done but we have drawers and pull out shelves. what i learned from the kitchen is that pull out is always better than cabinet. we are getting electrical outlets in the tall above-counter cabinets and they are fitted w pullouts like the spice cabinets in the kitchen. pull it out and use the electric toothbrush and hair dryer and push it back in when you are done.
we redid our linen closet as part of this job and we now have drawers for the sheets, etc. (a fixed-up ikea wardrobe) and it is so much easier to put away and find the linens.

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Thanks. Tobler, do you have any photos of your pull-out shelves with or without electrics? Sorry, I am a visual learner.

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Tobler, we are thinking of pulling out our linen closet as well and creating a built in cabinet instead. When we did our kitchen a few years back I went to all drawers except for the sink base. LOVE IT! Wouldn't want to go back to cabinets or even cabinets with pull-outs if I could avoid it. Drawers are the way to go. I want to do the same with this bathroom including the sink bases. I wish I could get a sink base for the bathroom constructed such that it was drawers as well. We looked at Lowe's Diamond cabinetry which has specific sized sink bases which are cabinets by design that have two pull outs in each - but they are very, very pricey.

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the cabinets are sitting in my garage unfortunately and are inaccessible right now. Can you wait a week or so? We have been waiting for over a month for special countertops made of a translucent resin from Utah and the cabinets have to sit on top of that. The counters are on a truck and were due to arrive yesterday or today, be rushed to the man who is making the sink cut-outs, and finally to me by early next week. However, I haven't seen my contractor in several days which I take to be a bad sign.
our bathroom was supposed to be done in October, but because i decided i had to have these counters we are still waiting.

Sleeve, it is so much more convenient to pull out linen drawers than to rummage in a dark closet. Do it!

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tobler, good luck with your install, and yes, I can wait for photos. I'll look forward to seeing them whenever you get around to it. Thanks!

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The counters arrived today on yellow freight! they will be at the manufacturer on Monday and in my bathroom on Monday a week! Keep your fingers crossed we have no problems.

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