Banjo top opinions / photos?

MabiesDecember 16, 2013

Hi, we are planning a remodel for our 1920's house - small master bath. With four of us sharing, and only have room for a 24" wide vanity, we are thinking of adding a "banjo" top to provide more counter space. The toilet is to the right of the vanity, then there is the outside wall of the house. To the left of the vanity, we could add a triangular shaped overhang also and still meet the clearance code.

But, I am having a hard time picturing this -- Some of the banjo tops I see pictures of look kind of funky, though the extra space would be really helpful. (we currently have a 30" vanity but we have to move the toilet over to meet current code of 15" from centerline to each side)... if it helps, we don't have a medicine cabinet but will be installing one.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/ photos!

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Got these selections off of Houzz, maybe you've seen them already.

This pic has a wood frame holding the counter over the toilet. Maybe an opportunity for a small tip out tray to hold TP, like the tip out trays that I've seen at kitchen sinks:

Tropical Bathroom by Sarasota General Contractors Dynan Construction Management

Contemporary Bathroom by New York Architects & Designers Tobin + Parnes Design Enterprises

Eclectic Bathroom by Naples Interior Designers & Decorators Nichole Claprood w/ Reed Design Build LLC

Traditional Bathroom

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My daughter will be remodeling her bathroom after the holidays. She has no linen closet in the house so she will be adding a 18 inch wide tall linen cabinet in the bathroom. Of course that means she will lose 18 inches of prime countertop real estate. To off set this loss, she will be using the Kohler Compass sink undermounted. It is only 10.5 inches wide compared to the 20 inch wide sink that is in there now. In other words she will get back 9.5 inches of the space she loses with the tall linen. She is definitly going to still have a banjo top like she has now.
here is a shot of her current banjo top:
if you want to consider thekohler sink I mentioned, I have linked it below

Here is a link that might be useful: Small Kohler sink

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Definitely do banjo. Just avoid the 'funky' curved version of the 70-80's and you'll be fine. I'm going to assume your smaller vanity will be at kitchen counter height, ie ~35 inches high instead of the older ~32in high. That should give you a few more valuable inches of storage space, and help give you some more clearance for removing toilet tank lid and the 'new innards' of lo-flush toilets that are bigger, so you need ample room to maneuver them out in the future if they need repair/replacing.

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Well, I just learned something new. Never heard of a banjo top, and I can't even remember seeing one. Are they common in a certain area of the country or a certain decade of decorating?

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After your banjo top is installed, lift the toilet seat and lid and make sure they stay up on their own before you cut the check. Don't ask me how I know this, please.

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