looking for inexpensive slide-in range

Pooky1951October 29, 2013

we plan to sell our home next spring/summer, but need to do some things before it goes on the market. One thing is to replace our electric range, which is 25 years old. Is it possible to find a slide-in range that is decent for under $1,000? Suggestions appreciated.

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Only if you want to go with coils or you get lucky finding a floor model or something like that. There are a fair number of models in the $1100-$1200 range, and I think this one is a great bargain. Right now it's expensive everywhere but HD has been selling it for $1294 and probably will again soon. They have it at the low price, then raise the price for a few weeks, then drop it again.

It's a bit over your budget but it's certainly a very upscale look and a lot of features for the money. There's a whirlpool smooth top model that runs about a hundred dollars less than the HD sale price, but it looks very antiquated and has fewer features. Frigidaire and GE also have some models for under $1200 if you shop around.

If you really need to stay under a thousand, I'd consider a standalone range. There are a lot more to choose from at that price range and you always get more for your money than you do with a slide-in.

Here is a link that might be useful: new samsung slide-in range

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Also, keep an eye on your local craigslist and Sears Outlet.

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Writersblock, if this Samsung slide-in came in white with a black top, it would be my dream stove (we have white Samsung fridge & white Samsung OTR microwave).

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Yeah, I'd prefer white, too, decordummy, but none of the latest batch of Samsung appliances come in any finish but stainless.

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Fori is not pleased

I have an old slide-in now, and a new one wouldn't fit without some countertop work--be sure you check out the fit on these before you get one since some have custom holes.

Keep an eye on the Sears Outlet if you have one around. They get in returned ranges and minor cosmetically defective ranges (and majorly messed up ones), and have next day-ish delivery, full warranties, and can be really cheap. You might get lucky.

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Not an upscale look, but I was very happy with a Hotpoint stand alone range with a ceramic cooktop. The oven was a dream, huge and held a very even accurate temperature. The cooktop was reliable but required higher maintenance to keep pristine, like all ceramic cooktops. I did like the speckeled finish, though, and the trough-like rim all around the perimeter. It probably comes in white, being in the lower end. My particular model was rated a CR Best Buy in Consumers Reports.

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