64 bit Internet Explorer

albert_135September 10, 2011

We've an eMachine which came with a shortcut to a 64 bit Internet Explorer and another shortcut to just simple Internet Explorer. The 64 bit Internet Explorer doesn't seem much different from the other one except the 64 bit gadget fails more often. I don't have any more information because we tinker with it infrequently.

What is the 64 bit supposed to do? Why did my eMachine come with both? Why does the 64 often fail?

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All the different Add-Ons are not completely compatible with the ie64 bit. Seems many 64bit programs have glitches.

So is sort of seems eMachines gave you both for 'user choice'. People buying 64 bit computer.. often will hope/wish/pray all things are 64 bit.... but, aint happened yet.

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"Both versions of Internet Explorer are included to increase compatibility with existing programs and Web sites. The 32-bit version of Internet Explorer can host only native 32-bit ActiveX controls and other 32-bit Web page objects. The 64-bit version of Internet Explorer can host only native 64-bit ActiveX controls and other 64-bit Web page objects."

"If you experience problems when you use the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer, try to view the same Web site by using the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer. If the problem occurs in both versions of Internet Explorer, you must determine whether the problem is caused by a Web object or if the problem is caused by Internet Explorer."

Information from link

Here is a link that might be useful: 32-bit / 64bit version of Internet Explorer.

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Zep no question here, but it relates to this subject. I have W 7 and I think mine has both 32 and 64 bit. When I had tech help with my printer she had a problem getting on my PC. My IE 64 wouldn't do it, she tried FF and it did not work. Then she told me to go to start/search for Internet Explore, she said I should have 3. I had IE 64, reg IE and IE (no add-ons). She got it to work with the reg IE. Later I tried to find out if it was 32 but I couldn't.

She downloaded the same HP fix I had, but it wouldn't work for me. She stayed on reg IE and it worked for her.

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