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homeboundSeptember 29, 2011

After barely a year, our HP 6450/6480 OfficeJet just snapped a hinge while I was changing an ink cartridge. Earlier this year, our HP laptop also had issues, namely mouse buttons that easily fall off and the failure of the thing to go into sleep mode. I'm detecting a pattern with HP. Junk.

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We all feel that way at one time or another when things seem to develop an actual or perceived pattern.

I am not being accusatory or pointing blame. The things you have to honestly ask yourself, and particularly those who also use your system(s), Are there any possibilities of operator error? User abuse? Were these items low end purchases? The actual answers are of course your personal business.

I have been solely an HP user since 1996 and have had only a couple of minor concerns. I am sure just as many users will disagree with me as those that support me. As those who could comment in regards to Dell or Gateway.

May I suggest when you have time a hard letter to the current CEO of HP citing your experiences and displeasure. Be sure to include all the pertinent identifying information as to your laptop and printer. Also, be sure to include a contact telephone number as they have always taken the time to call me. You may be surprised at their response, and hopefully some type of positive resolution.


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My main gripe is trying to be loyal to name brands and seeming to get little added value for that decision. In the past I've written concise, thoughtful letters to other vendors with no response at all, which seems typical in this day and age. The letter route doesn't seem worth it any more.

As for operator error, etc. I've ruled that out in these instances. In the case of the printer, I made sure to be the only one to change the cartridges (anticipating a bad cartridge install instead), and it happened anyway. It really just snapped during a normal closing of the case. Really.

In the case of the laptop, same thing. Typical teen female school user (hardly any travel, either), so it should be meant to last for that use. I noticed that this style of chrome button was soon discontinued, which presumably was due to excessive failure (an opinion of a floor guy at microcenter, anyway).

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As I said your answer were your personal business, but thanks for sharing.

You could consider this approach in the letter to HP's CEO. In it cite your experiences and frustration. Report it is now time to replace the printer and laptop. Then ask the CEO why after many years of being a true HP customer why you shouldn't purchase a Toshiba laptop and a Canon printer. Be specific as to models and cost.

If you really want to have some fun go on Twitter and Facebook and see if HP has accounts. If so post a copy of your letter. I have read in the business pages that major product providers have individuals whose sole job is to monitor these sites, and take positive action "if" possible. Who knows? Maybe you could get a voucher towards your next purchase.


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Here is a fine upstanding lawyer who is looking for those with defective HP laptop hinges to aid in a class action suit.

Google this:-
HP laptop hinge breaking
There are 1.5 million hits so it is not necessarily rough treatment it seems.

Here is a tutorial on how to fix the hinge

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Printer hinge is the concern isn't it?


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Oh yeah, guess I need to read better.

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Whatever you do, don't call the HP tech help tel# - you get techs from India who keep you on the phone for 2 hours and then try to sell you a service plan for $169.99. Grrrrr

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Generally-speaking, I've found the overseas techs helpful. But I did have a horrendous experience with Dell. As always, they first need the serial number so they can check records and get the owner, etc. Well, their records listed the owner and address as the Walmart in my area, which is where I bought it. Somehow they could not/would not make changes to the records - hours wasted, and with every call-back, the same thing (like Groundhog Day).

Eventually (two or three days later) when we finally got the diagnosis part (obvious power supply fan failure), their diagnostic procedure kept getting messed up. I desperately was trying to get a new power supply (fan was failing), but they just had to go through the diagnostic. I even think I had them in the computer remotely. That was a couple hours of nightmare, but I finally got my power supply.

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I also found the overseas techs helpful. Yes they did sell me a fix for the printer....$20. It was worth it. I knew how to fix it, but it wouldn't work for me. She did the same thing with a different browser and it worked fine then.

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Wanted to add, the only problem I have had with a new HP product was a printer and they sent me a box, prepaid labels and I got another printer by return mail.

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