putting a built-in microwave in a base cabinet?

Karen.1288October 17, 2012

We do not have space in the upper portion of our kitchen for a regular microwave, and do not want to monopolize valuable countertop space for one. I also am trying not to spend $750 on a microwave drawer. Has anyone put a regular built in one in a base cabinet and if so, do you like it? or is it terrible? thanks..

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Sophie Wheeler

Great for kids. Horrible for adults that need to read the displays unless you are young and limber enough to crouch down to do so.

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Friends of ours had a "cubby" built into their base cabinets, with an electrical outlet. They put their counter-top style microwave in there. We are doing the same thing but above our wall oven. That way, when it dies, we toss it and plug in a new one. One custom fitting or trims to deal with. It is something to consider.

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Instead of "one custom fitting" I meant to say *no* custom fitting or trims to deal with.

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We bought a Panasonic model (NN-797SN I believe) from Costco and the associated 27" base cabinet trim kit from Amazon. It worked out to be cheaper (about $300 for both) then buying the Sharp microwave drawer, which BTW seemed to have quite a few bad reviews. Our kitchen isn't done yet so haven't used it on daily basis. I can see how people would have trouble with the ergonomics of it, but we don't use the microwave a whole lot so not too worried about it.

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Be careful with putting countertop microwaves in a cubby below the countertop - some MWs require a few inches of airspace above, to the sides of, and/or behind them and are not designed to be built in (except with their optional matching trim kit, which has air vent grilles but takes up the extra space you were trying to save). I prefer true built-in microwaves for this application (or the multi-use GE Advantium 120 30"w wall oven, if you have the width).

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I have the Panasonic. I used to apologize for fingerprints, as this pic was taken during construction... however I've come to learn there will ALWAYS be fingerprints (and I can live with that!) :)

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