The real inner dimensions of a Fagor 24' wall oven

rcvtOctober 3, 2009

I've been reading with great interest the 24" oven thread but I need a particular piece of information.

My three latest floor plans all feature two Fagor side-opening 24" wall ovens stacked one above the other. Long story, but I do want their side-opening feature and I do like smaller appliances where possible.

I live far from any Fagor display and don't know anyone who has this oven. The closest I can come to meeting a 24" oven in person is at the home of one of my best friends who has a working one, but it is very old and does not have European convection. Though I can see what she fits into hers, it doesn't tell me what will actually fit into the Fagor.

Might there be someone out there who lives with a 24" Fagor side-opening wall oven who could give me the actual usable interior dimensions and a couple of examples of the actual pots, pans and cookie sheets that they use regularly?

Any other Fagor oven stories would be greatly appreciated. Trevor, if you're here, I would be ordering the Fagors from Eurostoves, so maybe you could help?

Thank you, as always!




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Did you end up getting Fagor ovens? I am in VT as well and would love to hear about your experience (and their inner size!)

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If you just want dimensions of a similar oven, I'm close to an Ikea that sell a 24" (actually 60cm) oven made by Whirlpool's Italian operations and has similar rack supports and European convection. There are also some people on that have the Fagor (which fits perfectly into Ikes's 24" oven base cabinet and is a popular swap) who may be willing to measure the inside for you.

Fagor is Europe's fifth biggest appliance manufacturer - they're pretty big and well known, just not in the US. I've found the best tactic for getting info on such appliances is to go to, say, their UK website and find the model number for the equivalent oven, then Google fagor model# review (also search on reviews, plural), and you're likely to find someone on epinions and such who've remarked on these kinds of things. Look it up in as well and look for buyer reviews. Find the Australian-market oven model number and repeat.

Occasionally used or store-display ones show up on eBay or Craigslist (search nationally using a third-party app); the sellers have the thing in front of them, so pretend you're considering buying it and ask them to carefully measure the inside for you (hey if it's cheap enough, maybe do buy it).

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Usable width 17" Usable depth 14' usable height 13 1/2"

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You have actually offered going to your IKEA to measure???

Wow, that is so incredibly kind of you!!!

It makes me tired to even picture walking through that (usually) huge IKEA parking lot, finding that display room on the second floor and walking back, LOL.

I am impressed!

BTW, your posts are always incredibly helpful. Thank you!

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>made by Whirlpool's Italian operations

Alas, this is only true of the appliance ikea sells in Europe. The ones in the US are plain old regular whirlpool.

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The Ikea 24" ovens are European imports; the 30" ovens and 24"/30" built-in microwaves are standard American Whirlpool ovens with the control panel redesigned to look European, but is unmistakably American inside.

I pass by Ikea most days anyway so it's not a big deal to go there. The car park is indeed huge, but nobody seems to know you can drive around back to get to the underground parking, where you can easily find a space right near the entry. (though of course you cant walk from the entrance door to the checkouts without a half-mile journey through the serpentine aisles, arranged so you pass through every department on your way through. OTOH, i lose 3 lbs. every time I go there, as long as i resist the 50-cent hot dog on the way out).

But it's a moot point since guadalupe measured his/her Fagor for us all. (if you're reading, do you like your oven?)

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Oh, if it is about giving you an additional reason to do more walking, I might ask you to check out some items for me. :)

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which ones?

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I'll let you know, stay tuned. :-)

I don't live near IKEA any longer and have a very hard time with that.

And thanks for offering!!! :-x

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I've been contemplating moving in with my SO who lives 75 miles from Ikea (to say nothing of hundreds of miles from me). "Too far from Ikea" adds ammunition to my i-don't-wanna-move arguments. Right now I'm a 3-minute walk to the road Ikea is on.

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Incidentally, it may not mean anything--the ikea website is notoriously inaccurate, but all the 24" models have disappeared from the Ikea US website.

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I noticed this too, although it's still on their website if you download the Ikea 2012 Appliances guide on page 10, as well as in my local store. (also missing from their website is their 24" Eldig Hob 450 gas cooktop, which was never my favorite although it does give you three different strength burners up to 10,800 btu). That catalog was put out only 7 months ago. I bought an Ledare LED light bulb the last time I was at Ikea - they had about ten different kinds, only one of which is on their website.

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Worth noting that all of Ikea's built-in microwaves are 24"w to match their 24"w ovens - this one matches the style of the European 24" Nutid oven. They are supplied with 3" wide filler panels to be installed on the left and right so they can also fit above a 30" oven (or in a 30" cabinet alone). The microwave oven itself is a rebranded American Whilpool and is the same basic design sold as a Whirlpool, Kitchenaid, Jenn-Air, and Maytag, sometimes with convection added.

That all of Ikea's built-in microwaves are sold as 24"w units bodes well for the continuance of their 24" ovens - they've been restyling and renaming the same basic oven for the last 5 years or so. If you buy this microwave from one of Whirlpool's own brands listed above, the outside is usually 27" or 30" wide without filler panels, even though the inside dimensions are the same as the 24" microwave.

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I was at Ikea last nite - they are indeed discontinuing the 24" oven (although they still have some in stock) although they will continue to make and sell the undercounter oven cabinet made to fit 24"x24" ovens and a drawer below it (shown below). The 24" gas cooktop they sold was sold out. The continued availability of the 24"x24" oven cabinet makes me think they may just be changing styles. Hope so anyway.

I took another look at the 24" oven - it's definately Italian and nothing like their 30" American ovens except in control panel appearance.

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