Do I REALLY want a towel warmer?

jewelisfabulousDecember 31, 2013

On our honeymoon 22 years ago, my husband and I stayed in a B&B that had a towel warmer next to the shower. It felt sooo wonderful to dry off with a toasty warm towel! Since our honeymoon, I've had my eye on having a warmer. We're remodeling our master bath, so now is my chance. When I've mentioned the thought to my friends, they get dreamy looks on their faces, so I know it's a popular idea. However....

....the only spot for a towel warmer is on a wall next to the tub, which is WELL out of reach of the separate shower. The kicker is that I mostly take showers. I don't anticipate this will change after the remodel. The towel warmer will certainly be awesome on the rare occasion that I do use the tub but, unless I'm willing to hop out of the shower dripping wet to run across the room to grab a towel each morning, I don't see the towel warmer getting much use.

So, in your opinion, should I spend the $300-$600 to get the "wow factor" of a towel warmer even thought I'll be able to use it only once in a great while? Or, should I just use the money for something else in the bathroom like upgrading the faucets or buying a piece of art to hang on the wall by the tub (like this:

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No, but after he has made you wait for 22 years for something that you wanted so much you do need a new husband.

According to your description it will not be convenient to use. Who wants to mop the floor after the bath. If you have the resources to do it, then go ahead. Also, I think you should do it and have him there to carry the warn towel to you. There, that will work!

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Well, would the towel stay warm enough if you heat it ahead then fold it up and put it by the shower? What about heated flooring instead? Or flooring with a heat lamp in the ceiling? We had one of those lights once when I was growing up, I should have appreciated it more!

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Yes, heated flooring. I put my clothes and towel on the heated floor to warm up, and it works great. Wouldn't help you in the non-heating season, though.

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I've had two different freestanding towel warmers that I wound up getting rid of. They didn't heat the towels well enough. I have a Dacor warming drawer that can be used as a warming drawer in a bathroom, but it takes too long to heat up for me to want to use one in a bathroom. DH and I were gifted a Brookstone towel warmer that looks like an overgrown trash container with a lid. We tested it today and it heats quickly.

We don't have an ideal spot for it due to our outlet locations, but I may try heating it, then unplugging it and moving it closer. The walls seem thick enough that I bet it will stay warm. At least that's an option if you don't have an ideal spot. I'd prefer something built-in or out of sight, but if this works better than anything we've tried and is cheaper, I might design a clever nook or cabinet that allows it to be slid out when in use and tucked away when not. I still have some planning to do anyway.......

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It doesn't really seam like it would be that functional for you if it has to be so far away from the, I'd probably skip it.

That said, I have a unit similar to this: - it's freestanding/portable and plugs in (I think this unit may be what lascatx was talking about). It doesn't have the visual "wow" to it that the heated bars have, but I've found it quite nice to have in the winter months. I've also used it from time to time when I want to warm up my socks or slippers.

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Thanks, all! I do believe I'll skip the wall mounted towel warmer. Unfortunately, I can't swing heated floors as it's been quoted at $2500. Maybe in my NEXT house! :)

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