Ecconomical Printer?

chas045September 6, 2012

I have an all in one canon inkjet printer that is failing. I had been refilling the cartridges. I had assumed that the total cost of printer and ink would be cheaper to buy and use with another inkjet especially if I were still refilling cartridges (which gets harder with all these new cartridges trying to prevent that). However, I have recently seen a couple of posts were people say if I don't need photo quality (and I don't unless the actual shades go completely off) that a color laser printer is less expensive.

Does this make sense? Why? Is it true with all in one printers (kind of need that)? Any opinions on which printers would be a good deal?

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I've always been an HP printer user with never a concern. In fact, until just recently I had two HP printers configured into this system.

I disposed of my nine year old old 5650 Deskjet for the exact reason you stated; my cache of ink cartridges had been exhausted and it would be more cost effective to purchase a new one if I so desired. I am still using my two year old HP 4680 AIO which cost $59.99.

Regardless of what you chose you certainly need to have replacement ink cartridge costs as a part of the decision making process.


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