Hardwood floors, brands and where to buy

auroraborelisSeptember 1, 2012

I have a few questions regarding hardwood floors.

First, is it true that prefinished hardwood floors can be more scratch resistant than those finished on site?

Second, does anyone have any brands or stores they recommend for hardwood floors? I'm looking for something with a medium to dark stain that is also affordable! :)

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Lots of threads on both topics in the flooring sub-forum.

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I have always loved the look of site-finished hardwood floors. I like the fact that there are no "edges" in site-finished, and the fact that you can completely customize your stain. I have never had a problem with my site-finished hardwoods scratching, and I have had them in 2 different homes.

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I have site finished hardwood now and I do find it scratches a bit too easily... But I also think that it wasn't done well so that is probably half the problem.

We are considering all the options at the moment, as we would like to install hardwood throughout our main floor, other than the bathrooms and mudroom! All in all, 3000 sq ft plus stairs. Our budget is more in line with inexpensive pocket, so this is an upgrade and we want to macke the most economical choice!

There are some Bella wood options from lumber liquidators that we like, and a bamboo option, though I worry that may be too trendy!

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Hoskingshardwood gets a lot of praise.

I think we are going with BR111.

Lumber Liquidators have some horrific reviews, so becareful. A lot of other forums have stated the mill quality is lower so you will end up needing more wood. And in certain cases installers charge more.

We are on a budget as well. What is your budget?
I have seen some for well known brands for $5 psft.

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I am hoping to find something finished for under $7/sq ft, or unfinished for $4... Not sure how realistic that is though!

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