How to Manage the Toilet Cutout in New Tile Floor?

enduringNovember 8, 2012

I barely had enough grout for the BR floor so I didn't get the grout installed around the toilet cutout, where the rough in will go. My plumber didn't want the tile installed too close to the cutout because he didn't want to drill through the tile. So the area is sized for the bolted flange that will go in eventually. I was to fill it with grout. I was thinking of either caulking it, or buying a small batch of the Spectralock for this purpose. Or should I do something else? What is recommended for this area?

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How about cement (thinset) or cementitious grout. Much cheaper than Spectralock, and it won't be visible., right?

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Thanks Angie, I posted on the JB forum too and it was suggested that I lay some tile pieces there. I guess that will mean a mosaic edge :)

I am still taking info on this topic. I have seen what looks like pictures with the flange sitting on the tile but is difficult to tell if the surface is actually tile or if it is something else, like thinset. I am even prepared to mix up a small batch of SLC and pour into that space.

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Seen your stuff at "JB." I think that, after the flange is put in by the plumber, the terlit should cover the tile you have pictured....

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Thanks StoneTech for checking this out. You know I just finished exploring compressive strength on the internet. Spectralock epoxy is around 3,500 psi about the same as concrete. So I am going to grout the 1.5" x 0.5" recess to finish flush with the floor using Spectralock pro epoxy. I am not going to put tiny tiles in that space as I indicated above, it would be tedious to say the least. The Ditra-Set mortar compression strength is not listed on the Hydroment web site as all the other compression strengths are.

Feels good to have a solution :)

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I wouldn't worry. The DitraSet is good stuff and the compressive strength really isn't an issue. After all, the "terlit" just basically sits on the tile and the bolts snug it down so it doesn't ain't welded there....LOL.

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I don't think you're going to have anything to cover once the flange is in, and I don't think it'll be an issue for the flange to stick up a little. As far as I know it doesn't really need anything underneath...if anything, it's good to have a little clearance for the bolts. Any stress is upwards/sideways, and stuff underneath is not going to help there.

As for round the sides, you may need to replace the flange one day, so why not use silicone? It will neaten things up and will still be removable. The toilet will cover it anyway. From the photo it looks about right, I assume you checked you'd left enough space around?

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I grouted the cutout on Sunday without problems.

I forgot to call the plumber yesterday to verify and review my progress. The old flange that he gave me to use as a pattern is pictured below. The template/flange would have just fit through the tiled area, without sitting on the tiled floor. The request he made (several months ago) was to tile up to the diameter of this piece I used as a template, then grout the rest of the way to the 4-5" sized rough cutout he made. He said that was so he didn't have to drill through the actual tiles when he set the flange (with the screws to the subfloor I'm assuming). So my visual when he described this to me was that I was to bring the grout margin to the level of the floor, substituting the tile surface with grout.

So since the flange is screwed to the subfloor, through either the tile, or in my case the grout, I am assuming the flange needs something to sit on. Hence the grout.

Is this looking good?

Template used to determine tile cuts:

Actual grouted area with measure (BTW, this is Laticrete Platinum full strength, while the grouted tile is 3parts Platinum, 1 part Silver Shadow):

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I forgot to say thank you StoneTech and Alan_s! Thanks for taking the time to help me problem solve this issue.

StoneTech, first I had to do a google search on "terlit" then I realized...duh!...but only after I saw some silly Youtube video referencing a "terlit" and with a background rap song about hickeys.

Alan, I just read your post on another thread mentioning your LONG remodel, I can relate, but I hope mine wont be that long :) I'm hoping by Christmas it will be done!

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I was beginning to wonder if StoneTech was from Baltimore.

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