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PoppygalSeptember 10, 2012

How do you PM someone on Garden Web ?

Thanks. Poppygal

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

There's no pm options on GW.
You can try sending a message through their profile page if they have the option set up.

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Thank you Ravencajun.
I am interested in getting a 7in Android Tablet
Notice ads from China & other Eastern countries where the prices are much cheaper and am wondering how legit are these sites & is the merchandise any good.?
You get what you pay for but am curious because these Tablets sold in Western Countries at legit companies some of them are made in China anyway.
Thanks. Poppygal.

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There's an expression, there ain't so such thing as free lunch. You can expect support and warranty claims to be non-existent with some of these companies. I would also suggest very carefully reading the specifications, especially with the cheaper tablets.

Not to mention some of these tablets are pirated copies of the work of legitimate companies that have invested tens of millions of dollars in research and development. While intellectual property theft may not seem as brazen as walking into a bank with a gun, it is theft none the less.

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